Best Round Toilets – 2021 Top 5 Picks and Buying Guide

by Dan | Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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If saving space while retaining the same comfort level is your ultimate goal, then a round bowl toilet is your go-to model.

These toilets max out at 28 inches. Thus, they could save you up to 3 inches lengthwise compared to an elongated bowl. And they do so without compromising their performance, aesthetic properties, and comfortability.

This guide brings you some of the best toilet picks that lead in terms of flushing, cleanliness, and quietness.

Top 5 Round Toilets

Best Overall
Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic
  • Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    Class Five Flushing Technology
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Comfort Height, Elongated Bowl
  • Price: 
Niagara 77002WHCO1 Stealth
  • Niagara 77002WHCO1 Stealth
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.8 GPF
    Pressure Assist Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Ultra-High-Efficiency Flush, Extremely Quiet Flush
  • Price: 
Toto CST743S-01 Drake
  • Toto CST743S-01 Drake
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.6 GPF
    G-Max Flushing System
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Contemporary, High Profile Design, Quiet, Powerful
  • Price: 
Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth
  • Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.6 GPF
    Class Five Flush System
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy to Install, Extraordinary Bulk-Flushing Performance
  • Price: 
American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise
  • American Standard 2315.228.020
  • v Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    Power Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Eco Friendly, High Efficiency, Ultra-Low Consumption
  • Price: 

1. Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic – Editor’s Choice

Round Comfort Height Design

Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic

The Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic brings a decorative design that is bound to boost most bathrooms’ aesthetics. The Kohler round toilet brings in a new twist by incorporating a comfort height. It is suitable mainly for adults and those with medical conditions such as gout.

Efficient Single Flush Action

On the other hand, Kohler’s class five rating flushing technology initiates a robust and efficient flush action that gets work done in a single flush. Most homeowners rave about its excellent flushing performance and bowl-cleaning action.

1.28 GPF 

The Kohler K-3658-0 Highline is not listed among dual flush toilets. However, pulling the lever halfway offers a half flush for your number 1. Holding the lever down will release 1.28 gallons for a full flush.

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2. Niagara 77002WHCO1 Stealth – Premium Pick

Niagara 77002WHCO1 Stealth

Uses Impressively Low Amounts Of Water

The Niagara 77002WHCO1 lives up to its name “stealth”. It is unbelievably quiet and a great water saver thanks to its pressure assisted flush system.

It is ADA compliant. This means that it has a universal seat height which makes sitting and standing from the throne easy and painless.

Uses ONLY 0.8 Gallons Per Flush

The Niagara 77002WHCO1 uses impressively low amounts of water, that is, 0.8 gallons per flush. It is a great savior especially if you have inadequate amounts of water in your homestead.

Unfortunately, you may want to flush the toilet twice or even hold the brush to scrub any streaks that the low-water flush might leave behind.

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3. Toto CST743S-01 Drake – Budget Buy

Quiet Flushes

Toto CST743S-01 Drake

Next up is the Toto CST743S-01 from the world renowned toilet giant Toto. This is among the most affordable models from this brand, yet the best high rated.

5 colors

While our pick here is cotton white in color, you could get it in 5 other attractive finishes: black, bone, Sedona beige, colonial white, and ebony.

G-max Flushing System

The Toto round toilet rounds up several high-end attributes that characterize Toto toilets. Its G-max flushing system is among the most reliable mechanisms today compliments to its impressive performance.

Clog Resistant

It features a 3-inch large flush valve coupled by a fully glazed 2-1/8’’ trapway to make this toilet virtually clog resistant. Most reviewers seem really impressed by its robust flushes and excellent waste elimination capabilities.

Its quiet flushes, on the other hand, mean that you won’t be waking others up in the middle of the night. You’ll also be saving quite some bucks thanks to its 1.6 GPF flush rate.

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4. Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth – Dual Flush Toilet

Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth

DryLock Fast Install System

Our first pick here is a favorite contender in our collection of the best dual-flush toilets. It brings a lot of bargain to the table which includes a dominant class five flushing technology. This allows a direct fed jet into your toilet bowl thus increasing its bowl cleaning effectiveness.

Dual Flush Toilet: 1.1 or 1.6 GPF

Thanks to its dual flush performance, you can choose the amount of water to use after each usage. Pick either a 1.1 GPF or 1.6 GPF. It is an excellent choice for those with a home or a neighborhood that has water constraints.

2 Piece Design

Its 2 piece design suggests that installing it solo won’t be such a difficult chore. The DryLock Fast Install System is just that… fast. It highly minimizes the risk of leaks from under the tank besides protecting the bowl from cracks due to overtightened bolts.

Not to forget is this toilet’s compatibility with other items in the Wellworth collection. Therefore, fixing the cistern is secure in case of a problem.

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5. American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise – Best Toilet For Small Spaces

Best For The Tiniest Bathrooms

American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise

Our second entrant is the American Standard 2315.228.020. Just as the name suggests, this might be a perfect choice if you are potty-training your child. Its floor to rim height (10-1/4’’) makes it a superb option for a children’s institution.

10 Inch Rough In

This toilet’s 10 inch rough in measurement coupled by its round bowl gives you a low profile system that you could install in the tiniest bathrooms.

The fixture utilizes Flowise flushing technology and has fully glazed bowl walls and trapway. This glaze boosts the bowl cleaning action and also minimizes clogging issues.

1.28 GPF

This is a High Efficient Toilet that uses 1.28 GPF. So, your kids will be saving water with each flush and help in keeping the bills down.

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Editor’s Choice

[easyazon_image align=”center” identifier=”B004PUI8UA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”toptoilets-20″]

After thorough scrutiny of the toilets that we have listed, we conclude that the [easyazon_link identifier=”B004PUI8UA” locale=”US” tag=”toptoilets-20″]Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic[/easyazon_link] carries the day.

This emanates from the fact that, it poses the two most significant attributes that you might be looking for in a great toilet: a reliable flushing performance that eliminates clogging issues and a high profile design for optimum comfort.

Best Round Toilet Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Water Consumption:Flush Type:Dimensions:Type:Special Features:Rough In:Shape:Material:Color:Finish:Weight:Installation Method:Certification:Warranty:
#1[easyazon_link identifier="B004PUI8UA" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Kohler K-3658-0 Highline Classic[/easyazon_link]Best Overall (Our Pick)$$9/101.28 GPFClass Five Flushing Technology29.5x19.6x30.4"Two PieceComfort Height, Elongated Bowl12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite93 poundsFloor MountedWatersense1 Year Limited Warranty
#2[easyazon_link identifier="B009RM8Z0E" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Niagara 77002WHCO1 Stealth[/easyazon_link]Premium$$$8/100.8 GPFPressure Assist Flush27x18.8x30"Two PieceUltra-High-Efficiency Flush, Extremely Quiet Flush12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite100 poundsFloor MountedADA CompliantLimited Lifetime Warranty
#3[easyazon_link identifier="B001KAFKRM" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto CST743S-01 Drake[/easyazon_link]Budget$8/101.6 GPFG-Max Flushing System26.4x19.5x28.5"Two PieceContemporary, High Profile Design, Quiet, Powerful12"RoundVitreous ChinaCotton WhiteCotton White88 poundsFloor MountedIAPMO Certified1 Year Warranty
#4[easyazon_link identifier="B00CJW3G12" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth[/easyazon_link]$$8/101.6 GPFClass Five Flush System39x34.5x24.5"Two PieceEasy to Install, Extraordinary Bulk-Flushing Performance12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite45 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense1 Year Warranty
#5[easyazon_link identifier="B006TIF0J8" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise[/easyazon_link]$$8/101.28 GPFPower Flush Toilets25x17.2x24"Two PieceEco Friendly, High Efficiency, Ultra-Low Consumption10"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite56.2 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense1 Year Limited Warranty
#6[easyazon_link identifier="B004K4NHSY" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]American Standard 2988.101.020[/easyazon_link]$$$8/101.28 GPFWater Saving Toilet28.2x15.8x30.8"Two PieceDependable One-Flush Performance, Less Water per Flush12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite75 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty
#7[easyazon_link identifier="B00J4LFDIA" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto CST243EF-01 Entrada[/easyazon_link]$8/101.28 GPFE-Max Flushing System23x15x30"Two PieceGlazed Trapway, Powerful and Quiet Flush12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite76 poundsFloor MountedADA Compliant1 Year Limited Warranty
#8[easyazon_link identifier="B003489N26" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto CST743ER#01 Eco#Drake[/easyazon_link]$$8/101.28 GPFE-Max Flushing System26.4x19.5x28.5"Two PieceGlazed Trapway, Creates a Powerful Flush12"RoundVitreous ChinaCotton WhiteCotton WhiteCheck With The ManufacturerFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty
#9[easyazon_link identifier="B01BWMOGAE" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option[/easyazon_link]$$8/100.92 and 1.28 GPFDual Flush15x27.8x30"Two PieceEverClean Surface, Maximum Water Savings12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite68.8 poundsFloor MountedWaterSenseLimited Lifetime Warranty On Chinaware.
Limited 5-year Warranty On All Mechanical Parts
#10[easyazon_link identifier="B01BWMOH0S" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]American Standard 288DA114.020 H2Optimum[/easyazon_link]$$8/101.1 GPFSiphon Jet Bowl Technology15x27.8x30"Two PieceUltra-High Efficient Toilet, EverClean Surface12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite72.1 poundsFloor MountedWaterSenseLimited Lifetime Warranty On Chinaware.
Limited 5-year Warranty On All Mechanical Parts

Best Round Toilets Buying Guide

A toilet is among a few other household commodities that we don’t buy on a daily basis. So, it’s understandable if you don’t know where to start. Here are a few things that we think might help make your purchase easy.

Water Saving Capabilities

By federal law, modern toilets use utmost 1.6 gallons per flush. WaterSense – labeled models save more water by using 1.28 gallons per flush. These toilets will go a long way in saving you money and conserving water.

Flushing System

There are 2 major options here: pressure assisted and gravity assisted toilets.

Pressure assisted
systems use pressurized air to boost the flushing performance. These systems are known to reduce the likelihood of clogs. However, they are expensive and maintenance can be costly. They can also be quite noisy.

Gravity assisted flushing systems harness the power of gravity to create enough flushing force. While they aren’t the most powerful, they still get the job done especially if the trapways have been redesigned to remove any chocking points. They are also quiet, less expensive, and easy to maintain.

Comfort Height

The standard height for toilets is approximately 15 inches. This height is ideal for short people. Health experts also recommend it to people with constipation issues.
However, with the increased cases of back and spinal pains, this height has lost its popularity.

Most people today prefer toilets with 17-19 -inch seat height. This height has been dubbed ‘Comfort Height’ since it makes sitting and getting up easy and painless.

Dual or Single Flush

While the choice between these 2 flush modes is a personal preference, we would vouch for the dual flush. This is because it gives you the freedom to select the amount of water you want to use per flush.
Take note though. The dual flush mode may have a learning curve to it. It can also be a tad bit hard to get repair parts for its system since these toilets are not common. Learn more about single and dual flush modes here..

Which Is Better Round Or Elongated Toilet?

There has been lots of rants on which is the best  bowl design between these 2.

Elongated vs Round Toilet

Round bowl toilets are known for their space saving design. Most of these toilets have a maximum depth of 28 inches and might, therefore, offer you more legroom.

On the other hand, elongated bowl toilets max out at up to 31 inches at the front. The consensus is that these extra inches add comfort and convenience when using the toilet.

However, do know that these 3 additional inches may also stand in your way of meeting your municipality’s bathroom building codes. They could also hinder you from installing another fixture right in front of the commode.


Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.