Best Portable Camping Toilet 2023 – Top 10 Picks, Reviews and Buyers Guide

by Dan | Last Updated: February 28, 2023

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What comes first in your camping essentials cheat sheet? Well, lots of things, right? But do you always include a travel toilet on your list? You answered correctly, not always.

In most instances, we depend on campground bathrooms to respond to nature calls. But these public facilities may not always come in handy.

For instance, when you’ve set up your tent several miles away from them or when they are being cleaned up (most of them are cleaned up twice in a day), you’ll need an alternative B if you can’t hold your horses.

Again, you might not feel so safe to walk under the trees in the middle of the night to access the public facilities. That’s where the best portable camping toilet comes in.

Now, camping loos come in all designs ranging from the pretty basic ‘honey bucket’ to the intricate and even fancier portable flush toilet.

Whether you are looking for the best rv toilet, camp, or boat toilet, our reviews below might put you in the right direction.

Read on!

Top 10 Portable Camping Toilet

Best Overall
Camco 41545 Premium
  • Camco 41545 Premium
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    5.3 Gallon Holding Tank
    Pumping Flush Action
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Designed for Camping, RV, Boats And Recreational Activites
  • Price: 
Thetford - 92360 Porta Potti
  • Thetford 92360 Porta Potti
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    4 Gallons Fresh Water Capacity / 5.5 Gallon Waste Water Capacity
    Battery-Powered Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy To Use And Clean, Odorless and Leak Proof
  • Price: 
Reliance Products Hassock Portable
  • Reliance Products Hassock Portable
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Contoured Seat For "At-Home" Comfort
  • Price: 
Camco 41535 Recreational Toilet
  • Camco 41535 Recreational
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    2.6 Gallon Detachable Holding Tank / 3.75 Gallon Flush Tank
    Pump Flush Action
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Swivel Dumping Elbow, Sliding Gate Valve Seals In Odors
  • Price: 
Camco 41541 Standard
  • Camco 41541 Standard
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    2.5 Gallon Flush Tank / 5.3 Gallon Holding Tank (is detachable)
    Bellow Type Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Sturdy Construction, Sealing Slide Valve
  • Price: 

1. Camco 41545 Premium – Editor’s Choice

Camco 41545 Premium

More Thigh Support and More Stable

The 41545 is a revamped version of the 41541 and has created a really good name for itself since it debuted.

One area that the 41545 beats the 41541 is in dimensions. The latest model now measures 16.38h x 13.75w x 16.13d inches.

As these figures show, the 41545 is now much more comfortable regarding its sitting height and might be a friendlier option for the elderly and those who are taller than average. Campers who live with arthritis and those who have been weakened by diseases might also find it appealing.

The Camco 41545 also beats the 41541 in width and diameter. This means that you get more thigh support and it’s also a bit more stable.

2 Piece Unit

Like its predecessor, the 41545 is a 2 piece unit with a. 5.3 gallon waste tank and a 2.5-gallon water reservoir. The big holding tank means that you can use the toilet for some days without the need to empty it.

What you might probably like with this new model is the single-hand latch that detaches the 2 tanks more easily than the latches used in the 42541. Again, this one uses a spring system to re-attach the 2 compartments automatically. This feature makes setting up the toilet easy and less involving.

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2. Thetford 92360 Porta Potti – Premium Pick

Mess Free and Quiet Bowl Cleaning

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti

Thetford Porta Potti 92360 is among the most famous camping toilets on the market today. We would highly recommend you to check it out if don’t mind spending a little more on a portable commode.

The 92360 has a slightly curved design and, therefore, resembles your bathroom toilet. It also has a comfortable height of 17-5/8 inches (from the ground to the seat) which is a really good thing for most adult campers and boaters.

Battery Operated Flushing Mechanism

Unlike our previous recommendations, the Thetford 92360 has a battery operated flushing mechanism that offers mess free and quiet bowl cleaning experiences each time. Among other notable features are an integrated toilet paper holder and a waste-tank level indicator.

Without forgetting, the 92360 has a 5.5 gallon holding tank and an extra large 4.0 gallon fresh water reservoir. It also has an improved release system, a sturdy handle, and an easy-pour spout for flawless emptying.

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3. Reliance Products Hassock Portable – Budget Buy

Reliance Hassock Portable Self-Contained

Affordable Self Contained Bucket Style Toilet

You don’t always have to spend over a hundred bucks for a portable camping toilet. A simple, cheap, and incredibly luggable loo such as the Reliance Hassock might be all you need provided you don’t mind sitting a little bit lower to the ground.

Weighs 5 Pounds

This is an affordable self contained bucket style toilet weighing 5 pounds only and measuring 14.7 (L) by 14.7 (W) by 14 (H) inches. These dimensions make it popular among campers, hunters, and fishing enthusiasts. Its lightweight design also makes it a great outside toilet and easy to tote it around whenever nature calls.

It features a contoured and notably comfortable seat that gives you an easy time as you do your ‘business’. It also has an inner splash cover that also acts as the tissue paper holder.

Unlike the 2 piece commodes above, this one uses a removable bucket to hold the waste. For easy waste disposal, you might consider using a standard Double Doodie bag that you’ll only need to burry.

The Reliance Hassock is also sturdy and can support up to 300 lbs. What’s more is that you can use it as a seat with the lid on too.

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4. Camco 41535 Recreational – Most Compact 2 Piece Toilet

Easy Emptying Process

Camco 41535 Recreational

The Camco 41535 is one of the most compact 2-piece commodes in Camco’s line of portable thrones. This one measures 12.5″ H x 16″ W x 17″ D. The idea here is to give you a toilet that won’t require lots of space in your boat, RV, and even in your cabana privacy shelter.

2.6 Gallon Detachable Reservoir

Despite its small design, the 41535 holds more fresh water than its bulkier siblings thanks to its 2.6 gallon detachable reservoir. The holding tank is, however, slightly smaller at 3.75 gallons but it’s still big enough to allow you several days of usage before emptying.

The small size holding tank coupled with the solid handle and large spout also makes the emptying process quite easy.

Similar to the premium 41545 toilet, the 41535 uses a single locking latch that makes detaching the holding tank straightforward. It also has a spring loaded automatic mechanism that also eases the process of re-attachment.

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5. Camco 41541 Standard – Seals Any Odors

Camco 41541 Standard

Durable and Incredibly Reliable

The Camco 41541 is among a few other portable toilets that we’d highly recommend if you are looking for something durable and incredibly reliable for your camps and road trips.

This toilet measures 15.5 (H) by 14 (W) by16 (D) inches. Its seat height (15.5’’) makes it almost similar to your standard household toilet. While one may argue that it’s quite shorter than the ADA-certified commodes, this height makes it easy for everyone including your kids to use the toilet without lots of struggles.

 2 Piece Unit

Speaking about the ease of use, this is a 2 piece unit featuring a 5.3-gallon waste tank and a 2.5 gallon flush tank. The 2 are attached to each other through a latch system that releases in a snap to make transportation easy.

The 41541 is lightweight and has integrated handles for easy carrying. The large holding tank means that you won’t have to empty it after each use.

Does it let odors out?

No! The waste tank features a watertight slide valve that seals any odors inside besides preventing leakages.

The Camco 42541 also comes with a packet of biodegradable chemical that works on the waste to eliminate the bad smells. This chemical makes emptying the tank easy since there are almost no horrendous odors that you might expect.

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Zimmer FBA-ZI- CT101
  • Zimmer FBA-ZI- CT101
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Flush Type:
    Bellow Type Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Detachable Tanks, Arrives Fully Assembled
  • Price: 
SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet
  • SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Flush Type:
    3 Way Pistol Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Extra Large Toilet Tank, Extremely Easy To Empty, Carrying Case Included
  • Price: 
Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V RV
  • Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V RV
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Flush Type:
    Toilet Pedal Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Suited For All Recreational Vehicles, Plastic RV Toilet
  • Price: 
Thetford 31650 Aqua-Magic V RV
  • Thetford 31650 Aqua-Magic V RV
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Flush Type:
    Single Pedal Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    100% Bowl Coverage Flush, Lightweight, Easy To Install
  • Price: 
Stansport 273-100
  • Stansport 273-100
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Flush Type:
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Supports A Maximum Weight Of Up To 350 lbs, Built-In Handles
  • Price: 

6. Zimmer FBA-ZI- CT101 – Budget Friendly

High Capacity Is Enough For Up To 70 Flushes

Zimmer FBA-ZI-CT101

In case you are in need of a cheaper version of the Camcos above, the Zimmer FBA-ZI-CT101 would be our first recommendation. This one is pretty similar to the Camco 41541 in most aspects including the side latching system that holds the two tanks together.

Lightweight at 9.75 pounds

The only notable difference is that the Zimmer FBA-ZI-CT101 is slightly taller at 16.5’’. This means that it might be a little bit more comfortable to sit on and stand up from. The Zimmer portable potty also has a smaller footprint, and it’s also lightweight at 9.75 pounds.

These two features coupled with its sturdy handle make it easy to grab it along the highways with optimum ease. The 5.3 gallon waste tank makes it possible to use the toilet for a couple of days before the need to empty.

Importantly, this one has a slightly larger water reservoir that holds 3 gallons of flushing water. This high capacity is enough for up to 70 flushes. This is a really nice feature if you intend to camp in areas with no water sources within the vicinity.

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7. Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet – Great All-Around Camping Toilet

Serenelife Outdoor Portable Toilet

Water Saving Flushing Mechanism

The SereneLife is yet another model that you might want to check out on your hunt for an ideal camping toilet. What we like about this unit is its heavy duty construction design that will probably give you a longer service.

Use In RVs, Boats, and Campsites

The SereneLife is crafted for use in RVs, boats, and campsites. But you could also use it at home as an emergency loo and even in worksite without facilities.

3-Way Nozzle

Like others, this is a self contained unit with a large 5.3 gallon holding tank and a water tank. It uses a water saving flushing mechanism with a 3-way nozzle that keeps the bowl clean thereby minimizing the need for frequent scrubbing.

This commode uses a sliding gate valve and a leak-free layer to keep odors within the tank. Disposal is also fairly easy thanks to its no-splash rotating emptying spout.

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8. Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V RV – Design For Use in RV’s

Ideal For Most Adults

Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V

If you are looking for a toilet that resembles your housebound standard toilet in all aspects, Thetford gives you the 31671 Aqua-Magic V.

Unlike our first 2 options above, the Aqua Magic V is designed for use in RVs. So, you might want to look for other options if you don’t intend to use a recreational vehicle.

The best part about the Thetford 31671 is that it comes with everything that you need for installation including the wax-ring. It drains into a separate holding tank but can also do that directly to a sewer line. This makes it a superb and a somewhat cheaper alternative for an emergency bathroom at home.

Comfort Height Of 17-1/2’’

Worth pointing out is that the Aqua-Magic V has a comfort height of 17-1/2’’ which is quite ideal for most adults. It also features a round bowl which makes it not only comfortable for most kids but also compact for small RVs.

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9. Thetford 31650 Aqua-Magic V RV – Great Option For Kids

Thetford 31650 Aqua-Magic V

Easy To Use Even For Kids

The Thetford 31650 is the low profile version of the 31671 Aqua-Magic V that we saw earlier. You might want to consider this commode if you are not comfortable using tall models that leave your legs dangling in the air.

13 Inch Seat Height

Its 13 inch seat height coupled with its round bowl design also makes this commode a superb option for kids who might not feel comfortable sitting on a tall throne. Other than the height, the 31650 is a replica of the 31671.

Weighs 9.8 lbs

This model is designed for use in RVs but can also be connected to drain directly into a sewer line. It weighs 9.8 lbs and comes with all the installation hardware. Its detailed guide also makes it easy for anyone to breeze through the installation process.

It’s also easy to use thanks to its foot operated single pedal system that adds water to the bowl (when pressed halfway) and also flushes the waste when pressed all the way. You could also add a hand sprayer for added hygiene and to save water.

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10. Stansport 273-100 Portable – Compact Size Camping Toilet

Good Option For Campers

Stansport 273-100 Portable

The Stansport 273-100 might be a good option for campers who don’t want to rush to the camp’s emptying station every time the commode fills. This one is similar to the Reliance Hassock only that it’s a little bit advanced and also relatively pricier.

Compact Size (14 x 14 x 14 in)

The Stansport 273-100 has a thick wall construction that makes it sturdy enough to support users with up to 350 pounds. Most of its previous users praise its compact size (14 x 14 x 14 in) since it not only makes it possible to fit it in most tight spaces but also makes it a bit more stable.

This toilet also features a full-size toilet seat for top-notch comfort and a lid to keep the waste covered and to eliminate stenches. It uses disposable toilet bags to hold the waste. This means that you won’t have to drive to an emptying station to empty it.

Worth pointing out is that several users have raised issues about its small holding tank. It might be an ideal option for, let’s say, two people, utmost. However, if you are looking for a toilet for several campers, you might want to go with a larger model.

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What’s The Best Portable Camping Toilet?

Editor’s Choice

Camco 41545 Premium

In my opinion, the Camco 41545 Premium carries the day as the best portable toilet. I believe that an ideal camping toilet should be easy and comfortable to use for the entire family. It should also have a mess free flushing and emptying mechanism. And above everything else, it should not drain your account.

The Camco 41545 meets this threshold. This is a mid range toilet with almost everything that you’d require for a comfortable toilet experience in the camps.

It boasts large waste and water tanks that offer you several days of service before emptying. It also has a strong 3-directional flushing system that keeps the bowl and the valve clean after each use.

Its one-handed single locking latch makes separating the holding tank from the water reservoir super easy when it’s time for emptying. The latch is also spring-loaded which makes re-attaching less demanding.

Again, its height favors most campers including your kids, and it’s also stable. Moreover, its size makes it easy to fit in most RVs, boats, and privacy tents. You could also use it at home as an emergency toilet.

Best Portable Camping Toilets Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Dimensions:Weight:Flush Type:Water Consumption: Special Features:Warranty:
#1Camco 41545 PremiumBest Overall (Our Pick)$$9/1016x16x17"11.5 poundsPumping Flush Action5.3 Gallon Holding Tank (is detachable)Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activites1 Year Warranty
#2Thetford 92360 Porta PottiPremium$$$8/1017.8x15.5x17.6"10 poundsBattery-Powered Flush4 Gallons Fresh Water Tank Capacity
5.5 Gallons Waste Water Capacity
56 Flushes Per Tank
Easy To Use And Clean, Odorless and Leak Proof1 Year Limited Warranty
#3Reliance Products Hassock PortableBudget$8/1014x14.7x14.7"5 poundsn/an/aContoured Seat For "At-Home" Comfort5 Year Guarantee
#4Camco 41535 Recreational
$$8/1018.5x17.2x15"11 poundsPump Flush Action2.6 Gallon Detachable Holding Tank
3.75 Gallon Flush Tank
Swivel Dumping Elbow, Sliding Gate Valve Seals In Odors and Won't Leak1 Year Warranty
#5Camco 41541 Standard$$8/1014x16x15.5"10.8 poundsBellow Type Flush2.5 Gallon Flush Tank
5.3 Gallon Holding Tank (is detachable)
Sturdy Construction, Sealing Slide Valve1-Year Limited
#6Zimmer FBA-ZI- CT101$$8/1016.5x16x14.5"5.6 poundsBellow Type Flush3 Gallon Freshwater Capacity
5.3 Gallon Waste Capacity
Detachable Tanks, Arrives Fully AssembledCheck With The Manufacturer
#7SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet$$8/1017.2x16.3x14.3"11.2 pounds3 Way Pistol Flushn/aExtra Large Toilet Tank, Extremely Easy To Empty, Carrying Case Included1 Year Warranty
#8Thetford 31671 Aqua-Magic V RV$$$8/1017x15x18.5"9.5 poundsToilet Pedal Flushn/aSuited For All Recreational Vehicles, Plastic RV ToiletCheck With The Manufacturer
#9Thetford 31650 Aqua-Magic V RV$$$8/1017x15x14"9.3 poundsSingle Pedal Flushn/a100% Bowl Coverage Flush, Lightweight, Easy To Install1 Year Warranty
#10Stansport 273-100$$8/1014x14x14"9.2 poundsn/an/aSupports A Maximum Weight Of Up To 350 lbs, Built-In HandlesCheck With The Manufacturer

Why Is A Portable Camping Toilet So Important?

The primary advantage of a portable camping toilet is that it allows you to relief yourself in a more hygienic way no matter how far you are from civilization.

This means that you won’t have to result in primitive and hygienic ways that may contaminate the environment near you. Having a mobile toilet around also helps you abide by the camping rules and the local laws.

Mind you, there are lots of instances when you might require a camping toilet:

En route to the camping grounds

A rest area with a restroom will not always pop up along the highway when you need it. You might, therefore, want to pull out the portable potty if you don’t buy the idea of squatting in the bushes. These models come in handy, especially when traveling with kids who want to sit on the commode after every mile.

Do you camp off-season?

According to the National Park Service, every season can be a camping season. You only need to plan accordingly. For instance, if you plan to beat other campers by hitting the campgrounds early in the spring, most of the facilities may be closed or be limited.

You might, therefore, want to check with the park for the availability of the restrooms or simply solve it by lagging your portable toilet with you.

Use it as an emergency toilet at home too!

Sure! A camping toilet could also save the day in case of a plumbing emergency at home. You could also use it to put up an outhouse when there are more guests than your bathrooms can handle.

Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guide: How Do You Choose the Best?

    1. Ease Of Use

      Similar to your household toilet, your camping loo also needs to have an easy-to-use design. Agreeably, a camping toilet may not match your bathroom’s fixture in all aspects since the keyword here is portability.

      However, the market today has mobile toilets that are not only portable but also easy to use by the entire family. You only need to look closely.

      What I mean here is that anyone should be able set it up and relief his/herself without lots of struggles. This feature also extends to how easy it is to dispose of the waste. This takes us to the next consideration.

    2. Waste Disposal

      Portable toilets do not have a detailed plumbing system that leads to a designated septic tank. As such, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to empty it at some time.

      At this point, let’s just agree that emptying a bucket half-way full of human waste isn’t the most pleasing task on the planet.

      But since you have to do it, you might want to go for a model that empties easily without involving lots of hands-on.

      The ease of disposal varies from one type to another. A simple bucket with seat model that uses the double doodie might be relatively user-friendly regarding waste disposal than a complex unit with a special holding tank.

      By the same breath, it’s important to put into consideration the availability of disposal sites. Most RV camping sites have designated areas for emptying the flush toilets. But things can become a little bit difficult if you are camping on grounds that don’t offer such areas.

      In such instances, toilets that use biodegradable bags might be the way to go. These sacks feature a powder that dries up human waste into a solid thereby minimizing any negative side effects.

      However, these bags need to be buried at least 6 inches in the ground and over 100 yards from any water source. Most camping areas have their set of rules regarding human waste disposal.

      You might, therefore, want to check them out before hitting the road.

    3. Volume Of Toilet

      This is yet another front that requires lots of consideration. How big your ideal camping toilet should be heavily relies on 3 aspects:

      •  The number of users/campers
      •  Waste disposal method
      •  How far you are from the closest waste disposal site

      A family of, let’s say, 5 campers including children might require a bigger model than a couple. On this note, however, I’d advise you to make this decision in regard to the maximum number of people that might go on a camping trip together.

      This eliminates the need of purchasing a bigger commode when there’s a larger group going for the camping trip.

      A bigger unit also means that you won’t have to empty the tank or the bag after every use. This comes in handy especially if the emptying site is a bit far from your tent.

    4. Dimensions Of The Toilet

      The size and the weight of the unit also matter a big deal. On the issue of size, for instance, you want a toilet that accommodates its users – both children and adults – with respect to height and the sitting area.

      Importantly, ensure that the toilet can support your weight. Most portable Johns are designed to support up to 300 pounds. However, not all manufacturer’s state their model’s maximum support. This is because the weight capacity is also affected by several aspects including how the user sits on it and how you secure it on the ground.

      How big or small the toilet should be is also determined by the means of transportation and the available storage space. For example, a hiker may require something more compact and lightweight than what you’d need for an RV.

    5. Privacy

      Of course, responding to nature calls is a private affair and should be treated as such. On this note, you might want to consider whether the toilet does come with a shelter or not. Luckily, the market has lots of privacy tents and screens such as the American Outland TA002 that won’t add much to your luggage.

Types Of Portable Toilets

As I told you before, camping toilets come in various types and with different users in mind. The most basic type is the bucket toilet. This is simply a bucket with a toilet seat on it.

Most DIY campers could convert a bucket into a portable toilet. However, it’s advisable to get a unit that has a seat purposely designed for it.

If you are not for the idea of sitting on a bucket, you might go with a folding toilet as well. This is basically a toilet seat placed on foldable legs. These types of toilets offer a way of hanging a bag under the seat.

Some folding toilets also double as camping chairs too. You might want to go with one of these if you are in need of both a chair and a crapper.

The portable flushing toilets are the fanciest of them all. They might be your best shot if you are looking for a commode that is close to your homestead throne.

They have water reservoirs, a holding tank, and a foot or hand operated flushing system. But they can also be expensive, bulky, and relatively heavy.

Camping Toilet Cleaning and Maintainince

As it’s the case with your toilet at home, you also need to be as sanitary as possible when using, cleaning, and maintaining your camping toilet.

Different toilets call for different cleaning and maintenance ways. For instance, most toilet bags are biodegradable. You only need to dig a hold and bury them. About cleaning, most foldable toilets only require a quick wipe down.

Portable flush toilets that have a holding tank, however, might require a bit more work. Most of them come with instructions on how to prevent odors and bacteria growth. They might also require deodorizers to combat any bad smells from the tank.

Portable Toilets Common Problems


Unlike your house-bound ADA-compliant toilet at home, most camping toilets are not designed to offer the best comfort regarding height.

Of late, some brands have started pushing some models that are taller than their competitors in a bid to win the taller-than-average campers. If you have problems squatting or using a low height toilet, try to look for a taller model.

On the same note, give proper consideration to the portable toilet seat dimensions to ensure that it offers good support to your body and that it’s stable enough.


This is a major problem with most portable toilets. Remember that camping toilets don’t have complex sewer pipes, septic tanks, or gas pipes. As such, it’s very likely that the odors will just be hovering around unless something is done.

To fix this, most flushing toilets have seals that prevent the odors from coming out. You might also add treatment to the tank to minimize the odors.

How Much Do Portable Camping Toilets Cost?

Usually, the price of a camping toilet depends on the type plus a few other aspects such as portability and convenience in terms of flexibility and versatility.

For instance, a foldable toilet might be a few dollars pricier than a bucket toilet due to its versatility and compact design. On the other hand, you should expect to folk out more for a portable flush toilet due to its advanced comfort and flushing mechanism.


A portable toilet is among several other things that you don’t want to leave behind when packing for a camping trip. What I like about the market today is that it has a model for everyone.

Whether you want a lightweight and foldable toilet that you can lag around on your back or a complex flushing toilet, the market has it.

Oh, and according to, you could also utilize your DIY skills and readily available materials to make an all-in-one portable toilet as shown in this video.

All in all, the most important thing is to get a toilet that offers enough support and lets you do your business whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Happy Camping!


Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.