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Thank you for dropping by and taking a minute to find out how things run behind the scenes on this website. This page will give you background information about my team and I. You’ll also find in-depth information about how this site operates.

About me…

My name is Dan, the founder of toptoiletreviews.com and chief editor. I don’t claim to be a toilet pundit, neither have I worked for a toilet manufacturer at any point in my life.

Prior to 2016, I was just an ordinary homeowner ignorant of the toilet in my 22-year-old home. Similar to most people, I didn’t find anything cool to discuss toilets until mine cracked and necessitated a replacement.

Honestly, I didn’t know that there was so much information that homeowners needed to know about these fixtures.

Back then, there wasn’t so much info about thrones online. As such, I had to enquire from several experts on the various types of toilets and who the most ideal user for each.

At the end of my long search, I did not only get a toilet that I use to date but the idea of creating a one-stop website that offers everything related to toilets hit me. That’s how toptoiletreviews.com was born.

What Do We Offer?

More than just best toilet reviews! As I have just hinted, the major reason for creating this site was to share everything related to toilets. I have come across, tested, and reviewed lots of toilets from different manufacturers over the years.

Following and getting updates on the latest toilet technology as soon as possible has become sort of a hobby for me and my team.

But remember that you are at the center of everything that we do.

This site is for people who want a reliable guide on how to purchase the best toilet fixture that meets their quality needs and at a price they can afford.

As you can possibly imagine, it might be quite hard for you to read about and test all the top-rated toilets out there.

In fact, it’s quite unfortunate that, unlike a mattress, there isn’t any toilet manufacturer that extends a trial period when purchasing a toilet from them, at least not any that we’ve heard of.

This means that you need to get the right fixture right off the bat. So, how do you do that? Simple! Ask us!

We spend lots of hours scouring what the market has to offer in this department and filtering good models from the poor performers in our detailed and unbiased reviews.

As you will realize, our reviews and buying guides are never affected by the reputation of the manufacturer or seller, price, or bells and whistles.

Our role is to help you find a product that will offer great value for your money and protect you from wasting your hard earned dollar on items that won’t make your life any better.

Toilet technology is changing fast and we enjoy being able to help our readers know what must-have and nice-to-have features to consider in their next purchase.

Besides helping you get the right model out there, this site also offers lots of how-to tips. Here, you’ll learn how to keep your toilet clean and how to diagnose and make repairs without making hefty payments.

How Do We Arrive at The Best Products?

Well, most review sites simply go for the most rated toilets across the internet and in physical stores and present them to you as the best. But that’s not us.

We believe that there can be a toilet that meets the demands of everyone.

What if the most rated toilet on Amazon is way too tall for you and your family? What if it is too big or too small for your bathroom?

Our way of identifying the best toilets out there goes above and beyond. We research from relevant websites (toilet manufacturers and authoritative plumbing sites) and also speak to relevant experts for professional advice.

Technicians in the field are a great source of information as well as past buyers who have the first-hand experience with the item that we are about to review.

Not So Easy

Putting up a list of the best toilets has never been easy. This process is always so tedious in most instances since it involves comparing must-have features, possible variations, and extras.

We also bring the opinion of experts and technicians reviews from past buyers into the mix to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of every toilet before committing.

Want some information on a certain toilet?

My team is always looking for a new toilet to review. So, if you happen to come across a model that you think might make a great purchase but you can’t find enough information about it, shoot us a message.

We’ll be glad to check it out in the stores, gather relevant information from experts, and offer a detailed and completely unbiased review of the toilet before buying it.

How does this site operate?

While this site is entirely for offering relevant information about toilets, I do sometimes include some affiliate links directing you to a site where you can buy the product. If you purchase the reviewed item via any of these links, the manufacturer will pay a commission to toptoiletreviews.com. Read our Privacy Policy for more information on this.

This is what goes to things like paying for hosting and getting the reviews and guides together.

Good for you, this commission comes from the manufacturer’s or seller’s pocket and it won’t affect your original price tag in any way.

Lastly, we really love hearing what you think about our picks of the best toilets and our website in general.

Your feedback gives us the motivation to keep delivering more and more. So, don’t hesitate to engage us whether you have a question, comment, or an experience that you would love to share with us.

Have fun, Hope you get your perfect toilet!


Dan and the Team