Best EAGO Toilet – Top Picks, Reviews and Buyers Guide 2021

by Dan | Last Updated: April 1, 2021

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The EAGO Sanitary Ware Company is among several other toilet manufacturers that won’t always emerge in lists of the most sought-after toilet brands. However, if you find it quite challenging to find a unique bowl shape from the most reputable toilet giants, EAGO may have an answer for you.

EAGO has created a name for itself with its outstanding bowl and tank shapes and designs. And their prices are quite pocket-friendly in regard to what they offer in terms of flushing mechanism and performance and décor.

If you are eyeing an EAGO, this guide has some of the best-performing models that you might want to check out.

Top 3 EAGO Toilets

Best Overall
  • EAGO TB353
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Soft Closing Toilet Seat and Lid Included, Wide Water Surface
  • Price: 
  • EAGO TB309
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Symphonic Flush System, Soft Closing Toilet Seat and Lid Included
  • Price: 
  • EAGO TB351
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Powerful and Efficient 3" Flushing Valve
  • Price: 

1. EAGO TB353 Dual Flush  – Editor’s Choice

Compact Design

The EAGO TB353 is among this brand’s most popular models. One thing that will certainly awe you is its one piece design with smooth curves that cover the unsightly trapways. Its white shiny exterior will make it a superb addition to any bathroom with any modern theme.

Are You Looking For A Compact Toilet For A Small Bathroom?

The EAGO TB353 might be your solution. This toilet has a depth of 26¾ inches and a width of 14-1/8 inches.

Its total height from the floor to the top of the tank is 27-1/8 inches. This compact design makes it quite easy to fit in small bathrooms and under counters.

Mind you the EAGO TB353 does not compromise your comfort for compactness. This toilet brings the most sought-after elongated bowl shape to accommodate users of all shapes and with varying comfort needs.

The bowl is also notably deeper than other toilets that we’ve reviewed before and has a wider surface to keep odors down.

Dual Flush Mechanism

About flushing, the TB353 toilet has a dual flush mechanism that lets you choose between 1.6 GPF (for solid wastes) and 0.8 GPF for light waste. Albeit so common, this mechanism will go a great way to saving you money and helping you conserve the water resources.

The Eago toilet also comes fitted with a softclose lid and seat. However, most buyers report that the manufacturer skimped on these perhaps to keep the price down. So, it might be a good idea to add another seat to your preference.

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2. EAGO TB309 Tall Eco-Friendly – Premium Pick

30.75 Inches Tall Toilet

For those who are always hunting for unique fixtures away from the norm, I bet this throne will interest you.

Before digging into its features, it’s worth noting that this toilet might not be your ideal choice if you are looking for a unit to fit under low counters. Its height maxes out at 30.75 inches and, therefore, requires enough space up.

Don’t despise it for its height though. As you’ll soon find out, this is actually its strength and a pro in disguise.

Dual Flush: 1.6 GPF and 0.8 GPF 

Similar to its sibling above, the TB309 has a dual flush system that lets you choose between 1.6 and 0.8 flush rates. This is a unique option that might help any household beat its water-saving goals besides contributing to the overall wellness of the planet.

Excellent Flushing Performance

The TB309 has received a lot of positive feedbacks compliments to its excellent flushing performance. This toilet uses a tower based Symphonic flush system that employs a 3-inch wide flushing flapper.

Wider-Than-Average Flush Valve

This wider-than-average flush valve lets out a massive amount of water that gathers enough gravitational force thanks to the high-profile tank for an effective bowl-cleaning action and waste evacuation.

Installation is a little bit different from other ‘American-design’ toilet systems but quite easy if you follow the instructions.

It also comes fitted with a lid and seat with a softclose mechanism to prevent heavy and loud bangs after usage.

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3. EAGO TB351 Dual Flush – Budget Buy

Fits In Tight Places

The EAGO TB351 looks pretty similar to the TB353 at a glance. But a close-up inspection reveals that the TB351 has much smoother edges than its immediate sibling.

More Legroom

The specs sheet also shows that the TB351 occupies a smaller space lengthwise and could fit in tight spaces and allow you a little bit more legroom. This commode has a width of 15.12 inches and a depth of 26.62 inches. Its 26.62 inch height is also easily manageable than that of the TB309 and might fit easily under shelves.

0.8 and 1.6 GPF

Also worth noting is that this is the cheapest toilet on this list. Its price is, in fact, the best bargain you can get for a one piece toilet with a dual flush mechanism. It uses 1.6 and 0.8 gallons for solid and liquid waste respectively.

But what’s more is that this toilet comes ready to install with a softclose lid and seat already in place. This is one thing that you never get with most high-end toilets. The lid and seat are spring-loaded to bring an end to the loud bangs that come with an accidental slamming of the toilet seat.

EAGO TB351 Toilet Installation

This toilet has a 12 inch rough in and might replace any other 12 inch toilet. The only difference, however, is that it comes with a triangular plastic mounting kit that needs to be drilled to the floor.

It might be daunting if you don’t have the skills. But I bet it shouldn’t be a big deal to your plumber. This toilet is also designed to hide the water supply valve at its back. This might help you achieve a minimalist design and a much cleaner appearance.

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Editor’s Choice

Overall, the EAGO TB353 is, in our opinion, the best EAGO toilet today. Its the best compact toilet for tight spaces, it is a really good performer in terms of waste elimination and an impressive piece of work from an aesthetic point of view.



Best EAGO Toilets Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Water Consumption:Flush Type:Dimensions:Type:Special Features:Rough In:Shape:Material:Color:Finish:Weight:Installation Method:Certification:Warranty:
#1EAGO TB353Best Overall (Our Pick)$$9/100.8 GPF and 1.6 GPFDual Flush26.8x14.1x27.1"One PieceSoft Closing Toilet Seat and Lid Included, Wide Water Surface.12"ElongatedPorcelainWhiteWhite97 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty On All Porcelain Parts
1 Year On Flushing Mechanism
#2EAGO TB309Premium$$$8/100.8 GPF and 1.6 GPFDual Flush28.4x16x30.8"One PieceSymphonic Flush System, Soft Closing Toilet Seat and Lid Included12"ElongatedPorcelainWhiteWhite98 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty On All Porcelain Parts
1 Year On Flushing Mechanism
#3EAGO TB351Budget$8/100.8 GPF and 1.6 GPFDual Flush26.6x15.1x26.6"One PiecePowerful and Efficient 3" Flushing Valve12"ElongatedPorcelainWhiteWhite92 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty On All Porcelain Parts
1 Year On Flushing Mechanism

EAGO Toilet Buying Guide

Irrespective of your favorite brand, there are a few sink or swim aspects that you need to get right when purchasing a new toilet system:

  1. Rough In

    This is the distance from the commode’s outlet hole to the wall behind the toilet. Wrong rough-in will either force you to look for a replacement within no time or leave much space at the back.

  2. Location

    This is one aspect that most people never think about. If you are planning for a petite bathroom, perhaps a corner toilet might help you save lots of space lengthwise. A wall hung toilet is yet another simple yet genius way of saving space.

  3. Efficiency

    Of course, at the rate at which water resources are diminishing, homeowners need to switch to water-saving toilets that use 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush. Toilets that use under 1gpf are even more desirable.


The EAGO brand of toilets may not be as popular as Toto or Kohler. But they have a competitive edge in terms of design. This brand’s products also come with irresistible price tags and might be a solution to homeowners on a shoestring budget.


Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.