Toto Wall Hung Toilet CT418F-01 Aquia Review

by Dan | Last Updated: April 25, 2023

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Toto CT418F-01 Aquia

The main reason why most people want these wall mount toilets is that they are a masterpiece regarding saving space.

These models have a seemingly floating design that makes them look so cool and unique. Again, since they don’t touch the ground, they are regarded as more hygienic since you can vacuum underneath them with much ease.

This Toto Wall Hung Toilet CT418F-01 Aquia review is about a commode that is topping most lists of these units. And if you are reading this write-up, it’s very likely that you are on the fence about to buy it.

But is it the best toilet for your bathroom? Does it live up to its claims? This article might have the answer to most of your questions. Read on.

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The Toto Wall Hung Toilet CT418F-01 Aquia

The CT418F-01 is one of the most popular walls hung commodes on the market today. Very rarely will you find a list of these units without it.

One Piece Elongated Bowl Design

This toilet features a one piece elongated bowl design and has a modern yet simplistic appeal. This makes it a good fit for bathrooms with either a contemporary or classic theme. Among other things that make this fixture a superb option for most homeowners is its 1.6 GPF performance.

1.6 GPF Performance

Again, it has two flushing buttons designed to use varying amounts of water for both solid and liquid contents. Another appealing feature that you might appreciate about it is that it’s CalGreen-compliant.

The Toto Aquia competes favorably with the American-standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall wall mount toilet. The latter has a more appealing design than the Toto Aquia toilet and also wins in terms of flushing performance.

However, its visible tank makes it somewhat bulkier than the CT418-01. It might, therefore, not be the best option if you are looking for something more compact. Again, it’s also pretty expensive.

Toto Wall Hung Toilet CT418F-01 Aquia Features

  1. Compact Size For Petite Bathrooms

    Not all of us have the privilege of a large bathroom. If you are looking for the best toilet for a small bathroom, you’ll probably want to consider the most space saving models. A commode with an in-wall water tank like the CT418 Aquia might suffice.

    Measuring 21 x 14.2 x 15 inches and with its elegant streamline design, this is one toilet that you can mount almost anywhere in your bathroom.

    Its one piece design also makes it quite ideal for homeowners who want to give their bathrooms a low profile design.

  2. Elongated Bowl – All The Comfort That You Need

    Another thing that you might like with this commode is its elongated bowl design – not a unique feature, but it’s worth noting. The thing with elongated bowls is that they are a little bit larger than round toilets regarding bowl size.

    If you are shopping for a toilet that will be used by several people, you’ll need to keep everyone’s comfort in mind. Elongated bowls tend to favor all sorts of users regardless of size and shape due to their natural sitting position. Men prefer an elongated bowl since it offers them extra inches at the front which not only give them comfort but also make it possible to use the toilet in a hygienic way without spills.

    This toilet has yet another impressive aspect that adds to your comfort: a universal height. If you are older, handicapped, or taller than average, a standard-height toilet might cause you lots of trouble when getting on and off.

    This commode’s universal height fixes this by bringing the throne a little bit higher than conventional toilets. This feature makes it easy for people with arthritis and the elderly to use the toilet with less hassle.

  3. Saves Water

    If you are migrating from a conventional tank-based toilet that used up to 5 gallons of water for a successful flush, this Toto’s 1.6 GPF rating might impress you. Though it does not meet the American federation’s requirements of 1.28 gallons per flush, the CT418F-01 still does an impressive job of saving water.

    Things get even better since it is dual flush. The dual flushing buttons let you choose between 0.9 GPF and 1.6 GPF for liquid and solid waste respectively.

    This is a superb water saving feature for a large home with several kids who want to pee after every minute.

  4. Flushing Performance

    The CT418F-01 also stands out in this regard. This fixture uses dual Max flushing system that works well with the elongated bowl design to flush out all content successfully. Unfortunately, several homeowners report that it might take more than one flush to empty the bowl at times.

  5. Installation

    I’ll be honest with you on this one. The one piece design of wall hung toilets makes them seem easy to install which isn’t the case. Tankless toilets have hidden tank systems that need to be mounted inside a thick wall and connected to your water system and the commode.

    This might require breaking walls and removing tiles. Doing this might need a professional plumber or someone with incredible DIY skills.


What You Should Know?

Before adding this wall mounted toilet to the cart, be informed that it does not come with the seat. Fortunately, it uses standard elongated bowl seats. I would recommend going for a SoftClose seat.

Again, be aware that you’ll need to purchase the tank system separately. The good thing is that you can match it with either a Toto In-wall system like the Toto WT151M-01 or any other 3rd party dual-flush model.

Toto CT418F-01 Aquia Pros and Cons


  • Built with Vitreous china for durability
  • Dual flush system saves water
  • It’s CalGreen compliant
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • It requires two flushes to empty the bowl at times
  • Needs a thick wall for installation

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Should You Go For The CT418F-01 Aquia Toilet?

This fixture might be a good bet if you are in need of a throne that won’t take lots of space on your bathroom floors. The fact that this unit is wall mount means that there are versatile mounting options for all bathrooms including the most petite. You might also want to consider it if you want a water saving and easy-to-clean model.

Water Saving and Easy-To-Clean Model

Worth noting, the elongated bowl design with the Toto Aquia wall hung CT418F-01 might take more space in the most compact bathrooms. As an alternative, you might want to go with the Kohler K-6299-NY. This is a wall hung toilet that combines an elongated design with a round front bowl to offer you a super compact, comfortable toilet.

The only catch with this Kohler toilet is that its water pool holds a low amount of water and splashes are almost inevitable. It also has a poorly designed rim that traps waste and starts to stink fast.

What Features Do You Keep In Mind When Buying A Wall Hung Toilet?

  1. Thickness Of Your Walls

    Wall hung toilets aren’t entirely tankless as they are referred to. These units use a tank system that is fitted inside a drywall. That being said, ensure that your bathroom has thick walls to support the system. Again, check whether the tank system is included in the package before placing your order.

  2. Weight Capacity

    A wall mount toilet isn’t just bolted to your walls. They rely on a sturdy support frame that goes on the wall as well. Fortunately, most floating thrones support over 200 pounds. They are, therefore, bound to support most adults.

  3. Water Consumption

    If you are looking forward to saving water, you might want to go with a system that uses the least amount possible per flush. On this note, going for a 2 button unit that uses a varying amount of water for liquid and solid waste might be an ideal option.


The Toto CT418F-01 is a superb option for homeowners who want to give their compact bathroom a complete outlook. Its universal height and elongated design make it an excellent choice for a homestead with several people who might have varying comfort requirements (except kids and toddlers), backed up by the Toto brand.

If you are looking forward to saving water this time, this toilet’s 1.6 GPF consumption rate might be a huge leap towards meeting your goals.


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