Toto Drake Toilet CST744SG-01 Review

by Dan | Last Updated: April 24, 2023

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Toto CST744S#01 Drake

Let me guess: you are reading this Toto Drake Toilet CST744SG-01 review because you want a new toilet for your bathroom.

Again, it’s very likely that you’ve interacted with or heard from your plumber that these Toto toilets are the best.

In that case, mine is to give you a deeper insight into this bathroom fixture and see whether each of your dollars is going to good use or not.

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The Toto Drake Toilet CST744SG-01 – What It Is And What It Promises

The Drake CST744SG-01 is an elongated 2 piece toilet packed with numerous features that propel it to a toilet that you might want to go for whether you want a commode for a new bathroom or to replace an old one.

At a glance, the CST744SG-01 resembles any other 2 piece bathroom fixture from other competitor brands. However, the two areas that this commode edges its closest rivals are on flushing performance and the ease of cleaning.

One Of The Best Flushing System In The Industry

This toilet uses Toto’s most revered G-max flushing technology. Most plumbers say that this is currently the best flushing system in the industry. It offers a powerful and thorough bowl-cleaning action with each flush.

The interiors also have SanaGloss – a super smooth glazing that minimizes the chances of debris attaching to the surface. These two are hands down, some of the key features that you want in a toilet that promises to clean easily, trust us you will want a Toto Sana Gloss toilet.

Cleans Easily

If I were to compare it with another flusher from another brand, that would be the Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort. This toilet’s sharp lines give it a unique ‘stately’ appeal. It’s also superior regarding water conservancy at 1.28 gpf.

Unfortunately, the Kohler Memoirs is plagued by manufacturing defects and also has lots of installation issues. Again, most of its past users argue that it’s quite pricey for its performance.

What’s In The Package?

Toto CST744SG-01 Drake Toilet Features – Know Your Fixture

Here is a glimpse of its specs sheet:

G-max Flushing System

Is It Worth Its Hype?

The G-max system is pretty different from other flushing systems. The most notable difference is that the float is housed in a compartment. This means that the system has less moving parts and, therefore, less susceptible to breakdowns.

But the most important bit is that the G-max uses a 3-inch flushing valve which is almost 125% larger than the conventional 2-inch valve.

Releases A More Powerful Jet

When you pull the lever, the valve releases a more powerful jet than what you get from the traditional 2-inch valves. The water runs through entire rim before falling through the walls. This system also creates an extra large siphon action that makes it easy to push hefty solid wastes down the drain.

The only issue that I have with this flushing system is that it’s not WaterSense compliant. Its 1.6 GPF water consumption is way above the federal standard 1.28 GPF. Well, I can’t dispute that it’s still water efficient unit considering that conventional toilets use up to 5 GPF.

Ease Of Cleaning

If there’s one area that you might like about the Toto CST744SG#01 is how easy it cleans. This toilet uses Toto’s patented SanaGloss to give its interiors a smooth ion barrier glazing that resists bacteria buildup.

You see conventional glazes that appear smooth to the naked eye have nooks and crannies that trap bacteria over time. With time, bacteria and debris cling to these micro-cracks which result in unsightly stains.

Prevents Bacteria Build Up

Toto CST744SG 01 fixes this by adding a second layer to the conventional glaze. The result is a super smooth ion glaze that prevents bacteria build up. This feature means that the bowl cleans easily with each flush and also stays cleaner for longer.

However, remember that this toilet is a 2 piece fixture. This means that there’s a crevice that you need to clean regularly to avoid bacteria build-up.

Large Water Surface

The 3-inch flush valve in this toilet’s tank sends a massive jet of water that runs across the entire rim before falling down the bowl. This offers a good coverage and a superior bowl cleaning action that complements the SanaGloss glazing. The powerful jet also ensures that all hidden parts inside the rim and that could be bacteria breeding sites are regularly cleaned.

Easy Installation

Any enthusiastic DIYer could breeze through it.

Another thing that you might like about this Drake CST744SG is its ease of installation. As I told you earlier on, this package ships with the installation fittings and a chrome-plated trip lever. It being a 2 piece toilet becomes a little easier to install since you’ll be dealing with one piece at a time.

Other materials that you might have to purchase separately include the bowl wax ring and the water supply line.

Worth mentioning is that this toilet does NOT come with the seat. You might, therefore, want to add it to your order alongside the toilet.

Toto Drake Toilet CST744SG-01 Pros & Cons


  • G-max system for efficient flushes
  • SanaGloss ion glazing and a large water surface area for effective bowl-cleaning action
  • You can replace tank and bowl separately
  • Elongated bowl accommodates most adults
  • High profile design


  • It’s not ADA Compliant
  • It’s not WaterSense labeled

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Is The CST744SG Your Best Bet?

In my opinion, the Toto Drake elongated might be an ideal option for a homeowner who is migrating from a traditional water inefficient toilet. Again, its G-max flushing system makes it incredible for anyone who is in dire need of a good flusher.

However, if you are running away from a low-height toilet that subjects you to hip and knee joints problems when getting On and Off the throne, the CST744SG might not be the best for you due to its low height. This toilet has a bowl height of 16 inches which is way lower than ADA requirements.

WaterSense and ADA Approved

Again, you may want to steer away from this toilet if saving more on your water bills is a priority considering that it consumes 1.6 gallons with each flush. This is way above WaterSense standards.

To solve these two issues, you might want to consider the Toto CST454CEFG 01 instead. This toilet is both WaterSense and ADA approved.

It might, therefore, be a go to toilet for tall users and the elderly. Besides being water efficient, this toilet also has a powerful flush thanks to the Double Cyclone technology used in it.

However, it’s also a few bucks expensive and might get even pricier since it does not come with the seat.

How To Buy A Toilet That You’ll Enjoy Using

Go for a low flow model that uses 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) or 1.6 GPF utmost if saving water is your priority.

Consider going for a toilet that does not block your bathroom door or other bathroom fixtures. You may want to go with a round bowl commode for a compact bathroom.

Comfort is everything – round bowl thrones fit where most elongated toilets don’t. Unfortunately, these versions are known to cause discomforts to large users. If an elongated toilet fits in your bathroom without much trouble, it might be an ideal option since its large size tends to favor everyone in your household.

Comfort height or standard height:

You may want to go with the standard height if you are short or if you have constipation problems. Comfort height toilets are becoming more popular since they are easy to get on and off especially for tall users, the seniors, and people who have arthritis.


I find the Toto CST744SG toilet an ideal option if its standard height does not affect your comfort and if its 1.6 GPF rating does not bother you. Among other things, I appreciate that this toilet brings together Toto’s most respected G-max flushing system and SanaGloss glazing.

These two work well to eliminate solid wastes effectively using 1.6 gallons only per flush. Its seat height (around 16 inches) might also favor short people and kids who aren’t favored by the comfort height toilets.


Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.