Galba Toilet Review – The Luxurious Smallest One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

by Dan | Last Updated: April 25, 2023

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Galba Small Toilet

You probably know how hectic it is to deal with a small bathroom especially one that has been converted from an area in your house.

The main problem comes in when finding a compact toilet with the right size to perfectly fit in without being either too small for your comfort or too big for the available space.

You also want a toilet that won’t be a pain regarding installation and abiding by the regulations. So what is the best smallest throne on the market today? That’s the question that we’ll be answering in this Galba Small toilet review.

Among other things, I’ll help you understand just how small galba toilet is and whether it meets your expectations or not. I also have an alternative or two, in case Galba does not match your small bathroom.

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Galba Small One Piece Toilet – A Luxurious Touch

Measuring 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches, the Galba small toilet is one of the most compact toilets in the USA making it perfect for small bathrooms. You might hear some people referring it to the 24 inch toilet. Its size makes it the smallest possible toilet for homeowners with the most compact bathrooms.

Amazingly, despite its small design, the Galba toilet boasts an appealing European Style, made from vitreous china and could, therefore, add a luxurious touch to a modern bathroom.

Worth mentioning is that the Galba does not compromise its performance and comfort with size. This commode boasts one of the strongest flushing actions, and it’s also a good water saver thanks to its dual flushing system. We’ll be digging deeper into these features in a short while.

Good Water Saver

Galba isn’t a brand that always shows up among other toilet giants in the industry – think Toto and Kohler. However, the Galba small one piece toilet puts to shame what some of these big-names put forward as their smallest toilets.

The smallest Toto toilet you can compare the Galba toilets with is probably the Drake CST743S#01 at 26.4 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches. While it’s quite a recommendable option especially due to its G-max flushing power, its additional 2 inches in length and 2 piece design might make it somewhat unfavorable in most compact bathrooms.

The Galba Small Toilet: Benefits and Features

What makes the Galba such a recommendable option?

One Piece Toilet

You probably know that one piece design toilets are the easiest to work with. This can never be truer especially in a tiny bathroom.

The thing with one piece units is that the tank and the bowl are molded into a single fixture. This feature gives such a commode a very small footprint that fits in small spaces easily. Again, the fact that you’ll be moving only one piece makes things even simpler for you or the plumber. This takes us to the next feature.


What’s In The Box?

When buying a small toilet for a small bathroom, the last thing that you’ll want is a model that requires moving walls or any other complex plumbing procedures. The good thing with the Galba small toilet is that it comes with all the installation supplies that you might require.

You don’t need additional adapters or components to mount it besides the water line. However, you’ll need to ensure that the rough in distance is at least 11.5 inches.

‘Can I install the throne myself?’’

Sure! If you are an experienced DIYer, installing this commode might be a 30 minute affair. It might also not cost you much in case you called a professional to install it for you thanks to its straightforward installation design.

Dual Flush System and Water Efficient

What you might like about the Galba Small toilet is that it features almost all the features that a regular size toilet has and perhaps even more. A dual flush system in such a small toilet comes as a surprise. The dual flush system not only adds to its exotic design but also means that you’ll not be bleeding your wallet too much on water bills.

The Galba dispenses 0.8 gallons of water at half flush (for liquid wastes) and 1.6 gallons per flush at full flush (for solid content). Worth noting is that the two flush rates are adjustable. You could add or lower the amounts of water used per flush to your discretion. Lowering the amount of water used might help in water conservation which saves you money in the process.

The ability to adjust the water used makes this toilet practically ‘WaterSense-compliant’ since you could lower the rate up to 1.28 gpf if you feel that the 1.6 gallons per flush is more than enough.

Good Flusher

The simplest answer to this is YES. This toilet uses G-max flushing power and works great. Well, this isn’t Toto, but you won’t be wrong to call it so thanks to its incredible waste removal.

A good thing about this system is that it uses a 3-inch valve (larger than the industry standard- 2-inch) and a fully glazed 2-inch trapway that could accommodate a 50-mm ball.

The self cleaning glazed surface means that it does not absorb dirt or trap debris easily. This feature means that regular scrubbing won’t be necessary.


What I have not told you so far is that the Galba small toilet has an elongated bowl but takes the size of a round bowl model. There are several advantages to this design. First, there is a consensus that elongated toilets are more comfortable for adults due to their slightly bulkier design.

Again, men get the much needed extra space at the front that also features a sloped angle that minimizes splashback.


About height, the Galba has a seat height of approximately 16.5 inches. This makes it 0.5 inches shorter than ADA’s minimum seat height requirement of 17 inches but still quite comfortable for most users including the tall and the elderly.


Galba Small Toilet Pros and Cons


  • Powerful flushes
  • Dual flushing system saves water (0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF)
  • Self cleaning glazed surface
  • Easy installation
  • Comes ready to install
  • Elongated and near-comfort height (24.5 x 14 x 27 inches) design


  • The seat is somewhat cheap and might require replacement

Is The Galba Small Toilet Ideal Small Bathrooms?

The Galba might be the smallest toilet in the market today. So, if you are looking for the smallest toilet possible for your space-starved bathroom, this could be it. Its High water efficiency and dual flushing system make it ideal for a small bathrooms homeowner who wants to save more on water.

Save More On Water

If the Galba is still somewhat too large for your bathroom, then the next best option, in my opinion, might be a wall-hung model such as the Toto CT418F. This is a seat-only model that uses a wall-hidden flush system and, therefore, won’t take much space in your floor’s real estates. However, it’s pricey, and you might incur high installation costs unless you are a real badass DIYer.

Galba Small Review Conclusion

In my opinion, I would say that the Galba small toilet is simply ideal for small bathroom spaces. This toilet has a solid construction featuring Vitreous China finish to give it a shiny, durable, and scratch-resistant design.

Despite being the smallest, this stool also has a stylish appeal that will blend in well with most modern bathrooms. It’s also a good water saver thanks to its dual flush system and equally comfortable given its elongated and near-comfort height design.

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