Best Wall Mounted Toilet – Top 5 Wall Hung Toilets in 2023, Reviews and Buying Guide

by Dan | Last Updated: April 29, 2023

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A wall hung toilet is a sure-fire way of designing a picture-perfect bathroom in tight spaces. These crappers have a definite advantage to them: they are huge space savers since they don’t touch the floor.

Unlike your conventional commode, a wall mounted toilet has its tank and drain pipe fitted behind the wall.

This design leaves you with up to 9 extra inches of legroom compared to a regular toilet system. It might, therefore, be your best bet if your bathroom is suffering from space, lengthwise.

Most of our readers who are on the fence of installing a wall mount toilet have several concerns about these units: are they right for my bathroom? How do they flush? Do they clog? Will it hold my weight?

All these are vital questions, and we’ll tackle each of them in-depth in our buying guide section. For now, let’s bring you our picks of the best wall hung toilet reviews.

Top 5 Wall Hung Toilet

Best Overall
Kohler K-6300-0 Veil
  • Kohler K-6300-0 Veil
  • Our Rating: 10/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    Dual Flush Toilet
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy To Clean, Requires K-4744 C3 Bidet Toilet Seat, Requires K-6284 In-Wall Tank And Carrier System
  • Price: 
American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall
  • American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.6 GPF
    Pressure Assisted Siphon Jet Action
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Speed Connect, Carrier And Seat Are NOT Included
  • Price: 
Toto CT418F#01 Aquia
  • Toto CT418F-01 Aquia
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.6 GPF
    Gravity Flush Toilet
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Universal Height, CeFiONtect
  • Price: 
Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia
  • Toto CT418FG-01 Aquia
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.9 and 1.6 GPF
    Gravity Flush Toilet
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    CeFiONtect Ceramic Glaze, Low Consumption
  • Price: 
Kohler K-6299-0 Veil
  • Kohler K-6299-0 Veil
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy To Clean Beneath The Bowl, Clean, Space-Saving Design
  • Price: 

1. Kohler K-6300-0 Veil – Editor’s Choice

Kohler K-6300-0 Veil

Designed To Accommodate A Bidet Seat

If you are switching from a bidet floor-mounted toilet, the Kohler K-6300-0 Veil is perhaps the best pick for you.

This is the only model in this list that has been designed to accommodate a bidet seat. To clear any doubts, the bidet seat cords remain completely concealed.

But do know that it does not come with the seat. So, you might want to peruse our article of the best bidet toilet seat and add one to cart.

Ideal For A Super Compact Bathroom

Among its notable features, the Kohler wall mount toilet K-6300-0 features a compact elongated seat. This means that it saves a few more inches than a regular wall mount elongated toilet.

That being said, it might be the most ideal for a super compact bathroom with other fixtures in front of the toilet.

In addition, the freedom to mount it at any height that favors all the users is a huge bonus. Importantly, you’ll also be saving on your water bills thanks to its dual-flush performance.

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2. American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall – Premium Pick

American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall

Visible Tank

The American Standard 2093.100.200 Glenwall is a little bit different given its visible tank.

First things first

This American Standard wall mount toilet protrudes 30 inches from the wall. If this length affects your legroom and your ease of accessing the toilet, feel free to consider other models in this list.

On the other hand, if you are skeptical about the reliability of a toilet’s mechanical system that stays hidden in the wall, then having it on top of the bowl might offer some sought of relief.

The advantage here is that you’ll never have to put your hand through a hole to fiddle with a finicky valve or flapper.

Other than its visible tank and lengthy design, the American Standard 2093.100.200 offers every other feature that you might look for in a wall hung toilet.

Elongated Bowl Design

First, you could mount it at any height that offers your family the much-needed support. Second, its elongated bowl design tends to favor most adults including those who are bigger than average.

Better enough, the American Standard wall hung toilet uses pressure-assisted siphon jet action. This flushing system coupled by the ceramic glaze used on the interior walls offers an outstanding bowl-cleaning performance after each use.

The only quibble with a pressure-assisted flush performance is that it ends to be quite noisier than other flushing systems.

Worth Noting: This toilet does not include the carrier and seat.

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3. Toto CT418F-01 Aquia – Budget Buy

Toto CT418F-01 Aquia

Versatile and Affordable

One next option here is a commode that ranks highly on our other list of the best toilets buying guide. The Toto CT418F-01 Aquia [link to a more in depth review] is as versatile as the Kohler K-6299-0 Veil above but costs half its price.

Does its low-price affect its performance integrity? Let’s find out.

Savings By Design

For municipalities that only recommend Calgreen Compliant toilet systems, the Toto wall hung toilet is worth checking out.

This crapper offers dual flush performance and uses 0.9 GPF for liquid wastes and 1.6 GPF for solid wastes. It uses dual max flushing system which is still efficient for standard usage although not the most powerful.

Versatile Compatibility

The good news with the Toto wall mount toilet is that you can match it with any compatible in-wall tank system either from Toto or other brands.

About comfort, the Toto Aquia wall hung CT418F-01 has an elongated bowl and can be mounted at any height (standard or comfort).

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4. Toto CT418FG-01 Aquia – Most Comfortable Option

Toto CT418FG-01 Aquia

Ideal Option For Users With A Stocky Body

The Toto CT418FG-01 is the immediate sibling to the CT418F-01 above. The major difference between the 2 fixtures is that the CT418FG-01 features the coveted Sanagloss finish in its interiors.

Easier To Keep Clean

Although the two toilets have equal flush rates (1.6 GPF and 0.9 GPF), the CT418FG-01 might be a little bit easier to keep clean thanks to the Sanagloss ceramic glaze.

Sanagloss Ceramic Glaze

This glaze works like a charm in preventing particulates from attaching to the sides after number two. It might go a long way in preventing clogs especially if the toilet will be busy.

It’s worth noting that the Toto CT418GF-01 is 2 inches longer than the CT418F-01. Its longer size plus elongated design makes it an ideal option for users with a stocky body.

Notably, this toilet does not come with the seat. The upside here is that you can fit any seat that offers you the most comfort without bleeding your wallet. Our article on how to choose the right toilet seat might come in handy here.

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5. Kohler K-6299-0 Veil – Expensive yet AWESOME

Kohler K-6299-0 Veil

Modern And Spacious Feel

Our first recommendation here might be a great pick if you fancy a minimalist design in your bathroom. Its low-profile and clean look will give any compact bathroom a modern and a spacious feel.

Coming from a renowned toilet manufacturer, the Kohler K-6299-0 Veil is among the most affordable wall mounted toilets.

5 Color Options

This Kohler wall hung toilet measures 21 x 15.1 x 13.9 inches and comes in a range of hues: biscuit, almond, black, dune, and white. It’s very likely that you’ll get a model to match your bathroom theme.

The Kohler veil toilet features an elongated bowl design. The manufacturer recommends fitting it anywhere between 15⅜” and 28½” from this floor.

This bowl design and height flexibility mean that you could tweak its installation to fit your exact needs regarding seat height. Let’s all agree that this is great news.

Dual Flushing Performance

This toilet offers dual flushing performance with 0.8 GPF and 1.6 GPF. Notably, most homeowners report that it does not require regular bowl cleaning or subsequent flushes.

The only flaw in the design is that the actuator is held on the wall by a 2-sided adhesive that keeps losing its grip. You might want to use some silicone to fix this.

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Editor’s Choice

Kohler K-6300-0 Veil


A wall hung toilet might be a great choice if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a futuristic design and look. It’s no doubt that the world is moving this way given these toilets’ functionality and versatility.

The Kohler K-6300-0 Veil fills our slot of the best wall hung toilet reviews. The Kohler Veil is the only model in this list that has been designed to accommodate a bidet seat. To make it even better it’s going to save you a few more inches because of it’s compact elongated seat. The Dual Flush option is gonna help you save on your water bills. Now you understand why the Kohler K 6300 is the best wall mounted toilet from our list.

Best Wall Mounted Toilet Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Water Consumption:Flush Type:Dimensions:Type:Special Features:Shape:Material:Color:Finish:Weight:Installation Method:Certification:Warranty:
#1Kohler K-6300-0 VeilBest Overall (Our Pick)$$10/101.6 GPFDual Flush Toilet21x15.1x13.9"One PieceEasy To Clean, Requires K-4744 C3 Bidet Toilet Seat, Requires K-6284 In-Wall Tank And Carrier SystemElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite60 poundsWall HungCheck With The Manufacturer1 Year Limited Warranty
#2American Standard 2093.100.020 GlenwallPremium$$$9/101.6 GPFPressure Assisted Siphon Jet Action30x19.5x29.5"Two PieceSpeed Connect, Carrier And Seat Are NOT IncludedElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite120 poundsWall HungCheck With The Manufacturer1 Year Limited Warranty
#3Toto CT418F-01 AquiaBudget$9/101.6 GPFGravity Flush Toilet21x14.2x15"One PieceUniversal Height, CeFiONtectElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteCotton66.5 poundsWall HungCalGreen Compliant1 Year Limited Warranty
#4Toto CT418FG-01 Aquia$8/100.9 and 1.6 GPFGravity Flush Toilet23.8x15.8x17.5"One PieceCeFiONtect Ceramic Glaze, Low ConsumptionElongatedVitreous ChinaCottonCotton66.5 poundsWall HungWaterSense1 Year Limited Warranty
#5Kohler K-6299-0 Veil$$8/10n/aDual Flush21x15.1x13.9"One PieceEasy To Clean Beneath The Bowl, Clean, Space-Saving DesignElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite53.5 poundsWall HungCheck With The Manufacturer1 Year Limited Warranty
#6Duravit 2537590092$$7/10n/aDual Flush Toilet24.4x14.1x13.6"One PieceEco Friendly, Dura Fix 2 AssemblySquareCeramicWhiteWhite Alpin66.1 poundsWall HungCheck With The ManufacturerCheck With The Manufacturer

Best Wall Hung Toilet Buying Guide

  1. Is A Wall Hung Toilet Right For Your Bathroom?

    Similar to anything else, a wall-mounted toilet might be a go-to commode to some homeowners, and a big NO to others.

    Your decision highly depends on a few factors including your bathroom’s construction design, space and your budget.

  2. Space Available vs. Bathroom Codes

    Most municipalities have bathroom codes that require the toilet to have a side to side clearance of 30 inches and at least 21 inches at the front.

    A standard 2 piece elongated toilet with a 12 inch rough in size consumes up to 31 inches of your floor from the wall to the front most tip.

    On the other hand, a wall hung toilet such as the Kohler K-6299-0 protrudes only 21 inches from the wall. This is because unlike a regular floor-mounted crapper, a ‘floating’ toilet’s water cistern resides inside the wall.

    This means that a wall hung commode could save up to 10 inches at the front. This extra space comes in handy especially if you want to install other fixtures in front of the toilet such as a sink.

    So, if a conventional 31-inch elongated commode is struggling to meet the International Building Code requirements, a wall hung model might suffice.

    There’s more to this though.

  3. Costly Installation

    Most toilets in our best toilet buying guide offer straightforward DIY installation and might not require you to involve a professional plumber.

    On the other hand, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to install a wall mounted toilet system not unless you possess special plumbing and construction skills.

    Installing these commodes requires opening the wall to mount the carrier. A carrier is a robust metallic system that supports both the tank and the commode.

    As you might have realized in our wall hung toilet reviews, most fixtures don’t ship with the carrier and tank system. This is because the ideal system for your bathroom will depend on whether your walls have 2×4 or 2×6 studs.

    If you are remodeling an old bathroom, John Brown, Professor of Architecture, University of Calgary, says that it’s very likely that you’ll have to reposition the studs to fit the support system.

  4. Is A Floor Mounted Toilet Ideal For Retrofitting?

    The clean, sleek look of the wall hung toilets has enticed most homeowners to consider them as a replacement for their floor mounted crappers.

    While retrofitting a wall hung system to an existing bathroom is still very much possible John says that it requires intensive reconstruction.

    Besides tearing down your bathroom walls, do know that you’ll have to reroute the drain pipe and patch the tile where you old toilet was.

    Needless to mention, you need to have an open budget if you choose to go this way.

  5. How Does A Wall Hung Toilet Flush?

    Let not the invisible water cistern fool you. Floating toilets rely on gravity for their flush performance just like any other floor mounted toilet system.

    However, these commodes don’t use a lever. Instead, they use a button that is attached to a large actuator that is fitted on the wall.

    This button is connected to the top of the in-wall tank via a valve inside the wall. Most models have 2 buttons for dual flush performance.

    Some units are WaterSense-labeled and could qualify you for rebates in the Toilet Replacement Program. Basically, you get a voucher covering part of the cost of purchasing a high efficiency toilet.

  6. How Much Weight Does A Wall Hung Toilet Hold?

    Anyone who has never sat on a wall hung crapper before must question the amount of weight that these units can hold before installing them.

    And it’s very much understandable. No one wants a toilet to break off from the wall on them.

    According to Mathew North of Slowhomestudio, a properly mounted wall hung pan can comfortably support a user with up to 800 pounds for one hour.

    But this boils down to how well the support frame is bolted down to the floor, wall, or both. It’s also important that it is installed by only a professional bathroom fitter experienced in dealing with these fixtures.

  7. How Much Does A Wall Hung Toilet Cost?

    A few years back, wall mounted toilet systems were very expensive and only common in commercial outlets. But their prices have dropped by a huge margin over time.

    Today, purchasing and installing a wall hung commode could cost you $1,500-$2,000. This cost is high because besides buying the toilet and the support frame (these 2 can take around $1,000), there’s also the cost of reinforcing the walls and redoing the floor if need be.

  8. Maintenance

    Installing a wall hung commode can take several hours or even a day which means expensive installation costs.

    Although any other jack-of-all-trades handyman can breeze through the process, the toilet could loosen from the wall especially with heavy use and even fall off altogether.

    This could result in even higher repair costs and unimaginable inconveniences. It pays to let a professional plumber do the work.

    In case the flushing system is not working, you can access the mechanical parts inside the wall through the actuator panel that holds the flushing buttons. This panel pops off to allow you to fix any issues with the mechanicals.


What Are The Strengths And Drawbacks Of Wall Hung Toilets?

Wall Mounted Toilet Pros

Irresistible Style and Design

A wall-hung pan is a great option if you intend to give your bathroom a refreshing and modern look that not many of your friends or colleagues have.

In fact, other than their spacing saving nature, most homeowners favor these units due to their sharp, clean looks.

Their simple yet stylish design makes it easy for them to adapt easily to any house irrespective of its theme; modern or traditional.

If you prefer a minimalist design, these toilets also seem to be in your favor given their concealed plumbing system and tank.

Easy To Clean

Another biggie advantage with these toilets is their incredible ease of cleaning. Since a wall hung fixture does not rely on a pedestal base, it becomes pretty much easier to clean (mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming) underneath, the floor underneath the bowl.

Not only the floor though. The entire design of the toilet is also super simple to keep clean. First, there are fewer elements to deal with.

Second, most wall hung toilets also have fewer nooks and crannies that might trap dust and dirt. They also don’t have any hard-to-reach areas.

Again, most wall hung pans including the Toto CT418F-01 Aquia in our best compact toilet reviews have smooth sides that are easy to wipe clean.

Easily Accessible By All

There is also the added advantage of adjusting the height of the toilet to meet your specific needs. These units allow you to install them 15-19 inches off the ground.

So, if you are moving from Toto’s Comfort Height or American Standard’s Right Height, you could replicate the seat height on your wall-mounted toilet.

Besides their height flexible design, these fixtures don’t have a pedestal base that might hinder a user with a wheel chair.

Their off-the-ground design means that these users will also be able to move and turn around with much ease and confidence.

You could also add to these toilets’ comfort design by opting for a model with special features such as automated lids, integrated dryers, illuminated bowls, or a bidet seat.

Wall Mounted Toilet Cons

Pricey Alternative

It can be quite complicated and expensive if you are switching from a floor mounted toilet to a floating model.

This is because the whole process requires knocking down and rebuilding drywall. You’ll also have to redo the floor where the former system was.

More Suitable For New Builds

Your current bathroom could easily be unfit for a wall mounted system. This happens if the bathroom does not have the necessary thick walls required to support the cistern and plumbing system.

Brown says that you could opt to build just a small nook just enough to hold the system. However, he advises installing a wall-hung toilet in a new bathroom. This allows you to pre-plan for the entire system adequately. It might also thwart pricey maintenance costs.

Requires Expert Installation

As I have just told you in the cost section, installing a wall hung toilet isn’t another run-off-the-mill DIY project. You’ll need to involve a professional plumber who is experienced in this field.
This project might take several hours which leads to higher installation costs.


A wall hung toilet seems to offer some advantages over regular floor mounted crappers. Their stylish look coupled with an outstanding bathroom design is bound to impress.

The only issue is their high initial costs and installation expenses. However, if you are willing to look past cost, this is, in my opinion, one of the smartest ideas and investments you’d ever make in your bathroom in the modern world.

Don’t your bleed your wallet too much though. There is an alternative for homeowners on a budget.

If you want the space saving design of a wall hung toilet but can’t afford its high installation cost, a compact toilet such as the Galba Small Toilet might be an alternative.

This fixture protrudes only 24.5 inches from the wall (only 3.5 inches longer than most wall-mount fixtures), and it’s both comfortable and durable. It also has a powerful flushing performance and cleans easily too.

Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.