Best Small Toilets – Top 8 Compact Toilets in 2023, Reviews, Buying Guide & Tips

by Dan | Last Updated: April 25, 2023

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Striking a balance between style, convenience, and comfort in a small bathroom can be very tricky. That’s the plain truth.

Well, you could gather inspiration from a large bathroom size and replicate it in your undersized space, but on a small scale.

But the real challenge sets in when finding a toilet to fit in the available space without looking awkward or misplaced.

Not to fret though. Our list of the best compact toilets for small bathrooms probably has a solution for you.

What we have for you:

Top 8 Compact Toilets

Best Overall
American Standard 2988.101.020
  • American Standard 2988.101.020
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    Cadet 3 Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Dependable One-Flush Performance, Extra-Wide Flush Valve for a Cleaner Flush
  • Price: 
Saniflo 023 SaniCompact 48
  • Saniflo 023 SaniCompact 48
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1 GPF
    Gravity Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy to Install, Quiet and Adjustable
  • Price: 
Toto CT418F-01 Aquia
  • Toto CT418F-01 Aquia
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.9 and 1.6 GPF
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Universal Height, CalGreen Compliant
  • Price: 
Galba Small Toilet
  • Galba Small Toilet
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    0.8 and 1.6 GPF
    Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Self-Cleaning Glazed Surface, Ideal For Small Bathrooms
  • Price: 

1. American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3 – Editor’s Choice

Successful First Time Flushes

Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3

The American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3 has several cool features that might interest you. Its fully concealed trapway, for instance, is a real eye-catcher for those who don’t like slaving on the horizontal lines that open trapways bring.

These flat sides minimize the accumulation of dust. To make things even sweeter, similar to other high end features from this brand, the American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3 also features EverClean surface.

Prevents Bacteria, Mold, and Mildew

These surfaces do 2 things. First, it prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Second, it prevents debris from sticking to the sides.

This means that your toilet won’t stain easily. You might also not be forced to hold the brush every time you go number 2.

We also like that this toilet uses a 3-inch valve and has glazed trapways that create a siphon flushing action. These 2 suggest successful first-time flushes which might go a long way in saving your water bills.

Also worth noting, this is a HET and comes with a 5-year warranty. Who beats that?

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2. Saniflo 023 SaniCompact 48 – Premium Pick

Saniflo 023 SaniCompact 48

Mid-To-High End Macerating Toilet

If you are planning to put up a bath in a room that was not designed to support a bathroom in the first place, then a macerating toilet system is what you need.

The good news with this toilet is that you won’t have to rip up your floorboards or drilling into walls. This is because it can pump the waste horizontally or vertically towards the main drainage line.

Now, a good recommendation for such situation is the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact 48. This is a mid-to-high end model strong enough to pump waste 9-feet vertically and up to 100-feet horizontally.

This means that you can erect a bathroom virtually anywhere within your home or inside the house.

Highly Efficient Water Performance

We also like that it’s super easy to keep clean thanks to its fully skirted and one piece design. But what’s more appealing is that its highly efficient water performance.

Discharge Elbow Is 360-Degree Rotatable

The installation bit should also be fairly simple since there’ll be no advanced drilling and digging to do. Again, it’s also worth noting that this toilet’s discharge elbow is 360-degree rotatable. This not only adds to its ease of installation but it also gives you more options for placement.

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Check out how a macerator works in the video below.

3. Toto CT418F-01 Aquia – Budget Buy

Water Saving Toilet

Toto CT418F-01 Aquia

The Toto CT418F-01 is for homeowners who are hell-bent on saving space. This is a wall-hung model that, as its name suggests, takes zero floor space.

This off-the-floor design opens up space and makes your bathroom look airy and a little bit more spacious. If you prefer a minimalist, contemporary design, this commode’s fully concealed tank and support system might put you in the right direction.

Easy to Clean

You might also like how easy it will be to clean it. The concealed water tank means one less item to take care of. Its wall-hung design, on the other hand, makes cleaning under it a breeze.

And It’s Super Comfortable

The Toto CT418F-01 Aquia features an elongated bowl. This means more thigh support and a few extra inches at the front for the men in the house. Even better, Toto ensures that there are no restrictions on installation height.

You could mount it anywhere between 15” and 19” to suit your needs.

If standard height commodes cause you trouble when sitting and getting up, I bet the flexibility with this toilet will fit you.

In case you are wondering, this commode’s support frame is rated at 700lbs. It’s, therefore, very likely that everyone in the house will be able to use it without fear.

0.9 and 1.6 GPF 

You might also like that the Toto CT418F-01 uses a dual flushing system. It allows you to choose between 0.9 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste.

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4. Galba Small Toilet – Smallest Toilet Available

Galba Small Toilet

The Smallest Toilet On The Market

Measuring 24.5 inches in length, Galba [link to a more in depth review] is hands down, the smallest toilet on the market today.

There’s one thing that intrigues most toilet experts about it: how it manages to beat other giant toilets at its size.

Small But Very Comfortable

The Galba Small Toilet has an elongated toilet bowl that promises you more room. Another thing that we like is that it has a comfort height at 16.5”.

This means that it’s an ideal option even for the elderly and people who have issues bending and standing up.

It’s A Great Flusher As Well

Despite its small size, the Galba competes favorably with most of the best flushing toilets. This commode uses a 3-inch flush valve diameter and G-max siphon flushing system.

It also boasts 2-inch fully glazed trapways. Amazingly, the Galba Small Toilet is a dual-flush toilet too. All these features help understand why there are no complaints about poor flushing performance.

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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa
  • Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    AquaPiston Flush Technology
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Easy-to-Clean, Saving Water, Comfort Height
  • Price: 
WoodBridge T-0001
  • WoodBridge T-0001
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.0 and 1.6 GPF
    Siphon Jet, Dual Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    The Easiest Toilet to Clean
  • Price: 
American Standard 2403.128.020
  • American Standard 2403.128.020
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    Cadet 3 Flushing System
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Extra-Wide Three-Inch Flush Valve, EverClean Surface
  • Price: 
Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci
  • Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Water Consumption & Flush:
    1.28 GPF
    AquaPiston Flush
  •  Dimensions:
  •   Features:
    Clean, Compact Design, Exceptional Performance
  • Price: 


5. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa – Affordable Compact Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

Space Saving Toilet

The choice of 7 colors that the Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa [link to a more in depth review] offers isn’t the only great thing about it. You will also like its performance-design combo.

So, what does it bring?

It’s A Compact Elongated Toilet

This is about the best part about it. You probably know that elongated commodes are currently getting all the praise as the most comfortable toilets, right? It’s also well known that round front toilets are the way to go regarding saving space.

So, how about getting a commode that offers you the best of both worlds? This toilet’s design makes it a great option for homeowners who don’t want to compromise comfort for a small crapper.

Comfort Height

Notably, this Kohler Santa Rosa features a comfort height. So, everyone can have an easy time in the bathroom.


This commode is also a really good flusher thanks to Kohler’s canister valve used in its flush system. The best part, however, is that it is WaterSense-labeled given its 1.28 GPF.

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6. Woodbridge T-0001 – High End Toilet  yet Inexpensive

High End Toilet at A Lower Price

Woodbridge T-0001

The Woodbridge T-0001 [link to a more in depth review] is not your regular washdown toilet. Ask Woodbridge Bath, a rising toilet Giant found in Cerritos, California.

The fact that you’ll be dealing directly with the manufacturer makes the T-0001 a really worthy purchase. But what does it mean to deal with the Woodbridge Bath?

The advantage here is that you get a high end dual flush crapper at an amazing price. For the record, the T-0001 costs way below the Toto MS644114CEFG#01 Carolina-2 that resembles it in most aspects.

Now, you are not compromising performance for affordability here!

Powerful Siphon Flushing System

The T-0001 is a top choice for most homeowners due to its powerful siphon flushing system that uses a large valve diameter and suction to pull even the heaviest solid wastes.

Previous users also report that it has incredibly quiet flushing performances. The softclose lid is a huge addition too.

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7. American Standard 2403.128.020 Cadet-3 FloWise – Water Efficient Toilet

American Standard 2403.128.020 Cadet-3 FloWise

Compact Elongated Toilet

The Cadet-3 Flowise is currently the best selling American Standard toilet. It’s not hard to understand why most people love this mid priced toilet so much.

12 Inch Rough In

The Cadet-3 Flowise has a depth of 28-1/2 inches. This means that besides being super comfortable for most adult users, it won’t grab more of your bathroom lengthwise. Its 12-inch rough-in also means that it can replace or be replaced with much ease.

This commode’s 28-1/2 inches height again gives it a small look and might work so well in a compact bath.

1.28 GPF High Efficiency

Moreover, this American Standard 2403.128.020 Flowise has a 1.28 GPF High Efficiency rate and has the EverClean technology. And since it’s American Standard, you get a 5-year warranty as a backup.

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8. Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci – Ideal For Small Bathrooms

High End Model

Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci

As you climb the price ladder, the Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci is among other high-end models that you’ll be coming across. What its previous buyers really like is the myriad options that it offers regarding color.

I highly recommend you to check out its ice gray, dune, Mexican sand, and cashmere if you are not sure what color to consider for a small bathroom.

Designed For A Compact Bath

We can’t fail to mention that this is a one piece model. This not only means a breezy installation process, but it also means less time cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, this commode is half-skirted. I think the essence here is to make cleaning easy while still adding to your bathroom’s interior design with the visible trapway.

In addition, this toilet has a round front elongated toilet which you really want for a small bath or powder room.

Other features worth noting:

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Editor’s Choice

Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3

The best compact toilet for a small bathroom should be a good fit regarding size. It also needs to be an excellent performer in terms of flushing and water efficiency.

While it’s undeniable that most of the models in this list meet and even surpass this threshold, the American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3 seems to be in a league of its own.

Its dimensions let you know that  you won’t have much trouble fitting it in any small bathroom.

Regarding performance, it employs a Cadet 3 Flush system, and also features EverClean surface.

Best Compact Toilets Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Water Consumption:Flush Type:Dimensions:Type:Special Features:Rough In:Shape:Material:Color:Finish:Weight:Installation Method:Certification:Warranty:
#1American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3Best Overall (Our Pick)$$9/101.28 GPFCadet 3 Flush28.2x15.8x30.8"Two PieceDependable One-Flush Performance, Extra-Wide Flush Valve for a Cleaner Flush12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite75 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty
#2Saniflo 023 SaniCompact 48Premium$$$$8/101 GPFGravity Flush18.2x14.5x15.8"One PieceEasy to Install, Quiet and AdjustableCheck With The ManufacturerElongatedPorcelainWhiteWhite62.2 poundsFloor Mounted3-UL Classified2 Year Warranty
#3Toto CT418F#01 AquiaBudget$8/100.9 and 1.6 GPFGravity Flush,
Dual Flush
21x14.2x15"One PieceUniversal Height, CalGreen Compliant15 to 19 inches
(instal. height)
ElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteCotton White66.5 poundsWall HungIAPMO Certified1 Year Warranty
#4Galba Small Toilet$$$8/100.8 and 1.6 GPFDual Flush24.5x14x27"One PieceSelf-Cleaning Glazed Surface, Ideal For Small Bathrooms12"ElongatedCeramicWhiteWhite90 poundsFloor MountedUPC/MAP (USA) and cUPC (Canada)1 Year Warranty On Parts
#5Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa$$8/101.28 GPFAquaPiston Flush 31x20.8x29"One PieceEasy-to-Clean, Saving Water, Comfort Height12"ElongatedVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite102 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense1 Year Limited Warranty
#6WoodBridge T-0001$$9/101.0 and 1.6 GPFSiphon Jet, Dual Flush28.5x14.5x27.5"One PieceThe Easiest Toilet to Clean12"ElongatedCeramicPure WhiteWhite Ceramic119 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty
#7American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact Cadet-3$$8/101.28 GPFCadet 3 Flushing System28.5x15.5x28.5"One PieceExtra-Wide Three-Inch Flush Valve, EverClean Surface12"RoundPorcelainWhiteWhite97 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense5 Year Limited Warranty
#8Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci$$$9/101.28 GPFAquaPiston Flush25.6x16.8x24.2"One PieceClean, Compact Design, Exceptional Performance12"RoundVitreous ChinaWhiteWhite92 poundsFloor MountedWaterSense1 Year Warranty

Compact Toilet Buying Guide

Determining The Space Available

You see, no matter how small and powerful your target crapper is, you’ll still need some space to install it.

Whether you are designing a new bathroom from scratch or giving your current bathroom a makeover, it’s important that you abide by your local building code.

These codes guide you on the minimum distance that fixtures, for instance, toilets, sinks, and cabinets, can be from each other. They also determine the least acceptable free space that you need around the fixtures.

What does the rule say?

Most countries including the USA adopt the International Building Code (IBC). You might want to go through the lengthy guide if you have a massive construction plan in mind.

But let’s deal with what brought you here: the toilet.

According to this manual, a commode needs to be at least 15 inches from its center line to the left and another 15 inches to the right. You also need a space of at least 21 inches in front of the toilet.

Remember that these are the minimum recommended clearance dimensions. If you want to enjoy some degree of comfort, however, we highly recommend at least 18 inches of space from the center line of the toilet to both sides, and 24 inches to the front.

Facts First

Let’s face it. A space measuring 30 inches in width is already small enough to cause Claustrophobia (fear of small and tight spaces). So, if the only available space to you is narrower than this, I’m afraid, but you might not be able to squeeze a crapper in there.

If you are reading this, I imagine that you don’t have a problem with the width but the length.

Following the IBC, the minimum space for a toilet should accommodate the depth of the commode (front to back) and leave at least 21 inches of free space at the front.

Speaking to llene Miller in her article, ‘’Big Help for Small Bathrooms,’ Steve Bissel, the Marketing Manager for Kohler touches on a few things that determine the amount of space that a toilet will consume:

Rough In

The rough in is the distance from the finished wall (not the mould) behind the toilet to the middle of the outlet pipe. To find out the rough in size of your current commode, measure from the wall at the back to the closest bolt cap on the toilet from that direction.

I can’t emphasize the importance of getting this measurement right. If you are replacing your old crapper, you must ensure that the rough in measurements match. Bissel warns of trying to fit a 10 inch rough in toilet on a 12 inch rough in. It simply won’t work.

12 inch is the standard rough in size in the USA. However, you’ll also find several old homes with 10 inch and 14 inch toilets.

How does the rough in affect space?

As you can imagine, the longer the rough in, the more space the toilet will take up. As an illustration, a 14 inch toilet system will be pretty much closer to the wall or door at the front than a 10 inch commode.

Of course, if you have some space issues, length wise, a 14 inch rough in is out of question. This leaves you with 2 choices: 12 inch and 10 inch.

Tip: If a 12 inch rough in saves the situation, I highly recommend you to go for it. This is because toilets with this size are easily available and replaceable with about any other brand.
Getting the rough in right solves the problem by half, though. You still need to consider these other 2 factors.

Toilet Shape (Elongated vs. Round Front)

An elongated toilet such as the Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa offers more space in width and length.

Most homeowners also argue that its shape offers more support around the thigh area and are more comfortable than their round font variants. The extra space at the front has also received lots of appreciation from men. They say that it’s exactly where they need it.

Unfortunately, as good as the elongated commodes seem to be, they might not fit a small bathroom.

A regular elongated toilet measures 18-1/2 inches from the hinges to the very front of the bowl and up to 29 – 31 inches from the wall.

On the other hand, a round front bowl is 2 inches shorter at 16-1/2 inches from the hinges to the front and extends 25 – 28 inches from the wall.

Mind you, this is a huge difference especially if we are talking about a fixture that is bolted down firmly.

In most instances, the toilet is installed opposite the door in small bathrooms. If the length of the bathroom is at a premium, chances are that the fixture will restrict the full in-swing of the door. The most suitable solution is to go for a round front toilet.

Emergence Of Compact Elongated Toilets

The advancement in toilet technology has now brought compact bowls that bring the comfort of an elongated commode without protruding as far.

Tank Configuration (One piece vs. 2 Piece)

A one piece system is more recommendable for a bathroom with less square footage for a few reasons.

First, since the bowl and the tank are connected, the toilet tends to be smaller.
Secondly, this one piece design is way easier to install than a 2 piece toilet.

Actually, Bissell says that the low-tank design of a one piece toilet plus the low placed flushing levers create the illusion that the fixture is small. He also says that a giant toilet in a space-starved bathroom only looks awkward and misplaced.

Floating Toilets

If neither a compact elongated toilet nor a round front fixture will fit the threshold regarding length space, then I bet what you want is a wall hung commode.

Wall hung toilets such as the Toto CT418F-01 Aquia in our best toilet buying guide use a tank system that is fitted inside a wall. Again, you have the liberty to mount it at whichever height that pleases you between 15” and 19”.

Wall hung toilets could save you up to 9 inches at the front. Their off-the-ground design not only makes them sleek, but it also creates a sense of openness in a small bathroom. It also means that you’ll be able to keep the floor clean without lots of bending.

Their major drawback is that they involve moving walls when installing the support system. They are also considerably expensive.

Flushing Performance

Do not compromise performance for size, though! If you hate the plunger, you’ll hate it even more if you have to use it every other day in a crammed bathroom.

To avoid such occurrences, take some minutes and find out the type of flushing system that the toilet uses.

The Galba Small Toilet, for instance, uses the G-max flushing system – not Toto’s but pretty much similar regarding performance. It also has a 3-inch valve as opposed to 2-inch which is the industry standard. To seal the deal, the trap way is also fully glazed to minimize clogging.

Go For A Water Saving Toilet

Without forgetting, you also want something that won’t bleed your wallet with sky high water bills. So, as you scour the plumbing stores for the most compact toilet, remember to consider a system that saves water too.

Ideally, it should use utmost 1.6 GPF. But a WaterSense-labeled, High-Efficient Toilet that uses utmost 1.28 GPF is more preferable.

6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Trying to make everything fit in a small bathroom can be quite mind-boggling. Here are a few life hacks to help you maximize space.

  1. Use Soft Colors

    Deceptive decorating is the use of colors to create an illusion of a small or big space. For a small bathroom, using pale colors like pale blue and aqua for the walls and floors and sparing the bright colors for the accessories and decorations will do the trick.

  2. Sliding Door

    The swing of a hinged door can eat up several square footages in a petite bathroom. Choose a sliding or a pocket door and save that extra inch.

  3. Use Clear Glass Shower Doors

    The shower curtain makes a smaller bathroom look even smaller. Replace it with a glass door to create a see-through shower enclosure. This opens up more floor area and walls thereby creating an appearance of a big room.

  4. Take The Curtains Higher Up

    If you can’t replace the shower curtains with a glass door, then take them up. Raising their height makes the small bath look taller.

  5. Consider A Gooseneck Faucet Sink

    A single-handle gooseneck faucet mounted on a single-basin sink has enough space underneath it for most of your needs in the bathroom.

  6. Use Natural Light To Your Advantage

    If possible, have a huge window in your bathroom walls. You could choose a window treatment that opens on top or lift the curtains to ‘merge’ your small room with nature.


The best compact toilets for small bathrooms bring comfort and convenience. As these reviews confirm, you could get the best commode for your petite bath without sacrificing style.

Other great alternatives to compact toilets are composting toilet systems. They are ideal for people who live off the grid. They also come in handy in situations where a sewerage system might be uneconomical.


Dan is the editor in chief and founder of this site, after running into troubles with his own old toilet a while ago. Discussing toilets is not your everyday topic, so let’s talk toilets today.