Best Bidet Toilet Seat – Top 10 Picks in 2023, Reviews and Comparison Chart

by Dan | Last Updated: February 28, 2023

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Bidets (read bih-days) have for long been considered as some exotic toilet attachment for some French women. Although these high-tech butt fountains are so common in the south and southeastern Asian countries, they are yet to make a considerable impact in America.

According to Miki Agrawal, in Emma Johnson’s article on Forbes, using toilet paper to clean your nether region after number 2 is barbaric. She continues to say that, ‘’ It is every human’s right to defecate with dignity.’’

Since you are reading these best bidet toilet seat reviews, we assume that you are on the fence of investing in one. In that case, we have 10 models that we feel are worth checking out. We also have in-depth info about these fixtures right after the reviews.

Top Bidet Toilet Seats

Best Overall
Toto Washlet C100 Elongated
  • TOTO Washlet C100 Elongated
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Shape & Color:
    Cotton White
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    AC 120V-60Hz, 406W
  •   Features:
    Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray
  • Price: 
Toto Washlet S350e Elongated
  • TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
    Cotton White
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    2 AA Batteries Required
  •   Features:
    Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray
  • Price: 
GenieBidet Seat
  • GenieBidet Seat
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    Check With The Manufacturer
  •   Features:
    Rear Cleaning and Feminine Cleaning, Slow Closing Seat
  • Price: 
Toto Washlet C200 Elongated
  • TOTO Washlet C200 Elongated
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
    Cotton White
  •  Dimensions:
    23.5x 20.5x9"
  •  Power:
    2 AA Batteries Required
  •   Features:
    Pulsating Cleanse, Remote Control, Air Deodorizer, Air Dryer
  • Price: 
Toto Washlet S300e
  • Toto Washlet S300e
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
    Cotton White
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    1 AA Batteries Required
  •   Features:
    SoftClose® Seat, eWater+ On Wands and Bowl
  • Price: 

1. Toto Washlet C100 Elongated – Editor’s Choice

Toto Washlet C100

Dual Action Spray and Dryer

I bet the best way to begin this list is with a model from the father of all washlets, Toto. The Toto Washlet C100 is a mid-to-high end fixture with about all the basic functions you would want in a bidet and a few more.

This is an elongated seat, but it also comes in a round bowl version for those who want something a little bit compact. The exciting bit is that the 2 models have a universal design and can, therefore, be used on any elongated commode from any other toilet from another brand.

SoftClose Design

The seat and lid are SoftClose design. This protects your commode and also prolongs the life of the bidet itself.

The Toto C100 offers dual action spray, and it also has a dryer. A convenient arm control panel allows you to choose from several water temperature levels and 5 pressure settings.

For ease of cleaning, this bidet seat has a premist function that makes the surfaces slippery to prevent debris from sticking.

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2. Toto Washlet S350e Elongated – Premium Pick

Toto Washlet S350e

Auto Open and Close – Motion Sensor

If you are looking for a something more futuristic, the Toto S350e might be your thing. It is two times pricier than the Toto C100. But as the specs sheet suggests, the s350e is probably the pinnacle of the best bidet toilet seats this year.

In addition to what a basic bidet fixture offers, the s350e offers you an auto open/close lid and seat. This model has a sensor that detects motion and slowly lifts the seat and lid for you.

Interestingly, you could change the settings so that only the lid opens. I imagine this might be a lifesaving feature for the seniors and people with limited mobility.

Dual Nozzle Spray

The Toto S350e also offers dual nozzle spray. Worth pointing out is that the front cleanse is a little bit wider to ensure better coverage.

On the same note, the heated seat, spray, and the dryer have 5 settings each. All these are easy to control from the backlit-buttons remote control.

Minimizes Bacteria Buildup

In my opinion, the s350e edges the competition in that it uses electrolyzed water to cleanse the wand and the toilet bowl after each use. This feature plus the air deodorizer makes the s350e a favorable option for the germophobes.

In fact, there’s a default setting that sprays the bowl after every 8 hours of inactivity to minimize any bacteria buildup. This looks like just a bonus feature though, and you can always turn it off.

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3. GenieBidet Seat RB-1000 – Budget Buy

GenieBidet RB-1000

Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Who said that you couldn’t get a reliable bidet toilet seat at around a hundo? If all that you need is a bidet that works without a lot of tweaking or heated seats, the Genie Bidet RB-1000 is our first recommendation.

Its a non electric bidet toilet seat which means that you won’t have to call an electrician to place an outlet near the toilet. This design also offers pretty simple operations since it does not require a remote.

3 Levels Of Rear And Feminine Wash

An on/off valve at the side allows you to choose between the 3 levels of rear and feminine wash: soft, moderate, and strong. Interestingly, this is a softclose seat. This means that there’ll be no bangs or cracks on the seat.

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4. Toto Washlet C200 Elongated – Best Value of Money

Toto Washlet C200

Wireless Remote Control

At a slightly higher price, you could get the Washlet C200. It is pretty much similar to the C100 above but has a few extras that might add to your overall experience.

The Toto Washlet C200 comes in both the elongated and round-bowl design and can fit on any other commode from other toilet manufacturers.

2 Colors, 5 Temperature Settings and 5 Spray Settings

This bidet toilet comes in 2 colors: Sedona beige and cotton white which is a little bit inexpensive. It offers you 5 temp settings for the heated seat and 5 others for the spray. Similar to the C100, the wand is self-cleaning and allows position adjustment.

Pressure And Temperature Controls

This feature coupled with the numerous pressure and temperature controls means that almost everyone in the family will get their favorite settings. Other interesting features that you’re paying for include a softclose lid and seat, an auto energy saver, and a pulsating cleanser.

But the reason why most homeowners prefer the C200 over the C100 is its wireless remote control. This means that both right-handed and left-handed people can use it with a little bit more comfort.

Again, the remote has 2 users presets. This function eliminates the seemingly pesky process of navigating through the various controls by remembering your previous settings.

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5. Toto Washlet S300e – Expensive yet AWESOME

Has 2-User Memory

The Toto Washlet S300e is for homeowners who don’t see the need for an auto open/close seat. That’s the only difference between this model and the s350e and could save you a considerable amount of money.

Toto Washlet S300eThe s300e offers about every other function that its younger sibling offers:

It also has 2-user memory. This makes it quite ideal for a couple since you won’t have to reset to your preference every time your partner uses the bathroom.

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SmartBidet SB-2000
  • SmartBidet SB-2000
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    110 Watts
  •   Features:
    5 Water/Dryer Pressure Levels, 3 Water Temperature Levels
  • Price: 
Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600
  • Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Heated Seat, Warm Air Dryer, Warm Water Wash
  • Price: 
SmartBidet SB-1000
  • SmartBidet SB-1000
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    AC 120V/60Hz
  •   Features:
    3 Heated Seat Levels, 5 Nozzle Positions
  • Price: 
Bio Bidet A8 Serenity
  • Bio Bidet A8 Serenity
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    120 Volts
  •   Features:
    Stainless Steel Nozzle, Eco Friendly, Wide Clean
  • Price: 
Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000
  • Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Shape & Color:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Power:
    1 AAA Batteries Required
  •   Features:
    Stylish Design and Comfortable Heated Seat
  • Price: 

6. SmartBidet SB-2000 – Perfect Fit For Modern Bathrooms

SmartBidet SB-2000

Affordable And Fairly Easy To Install

Another elongated bidet toilet seat with an appealing white finish that might fit perfectly with most modern bathroom themes. It’s affordable and fairly easy to install. This is an elongated seat, but you could also get its round version.

You get the choice of 5 wand positions, 5 water pressure levels, 3 water temperature levels, and 3 heated seat levels for personalized safety and comfort.

Dual Nozzle Is Self-Cleaning

The dual nozzle is self-cleaning which is great if you fear being sprayed with microorganisms. There are also 5 adjustable air dryer levels that further reduce the need for toilet paper. The best part is that it uninstalls in a snap for cleaning.

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7. Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 – Simple To Use

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600

Kid Friendly Mode

The Bio Bidet BB-600 is the ultimate mid-range bidet toilet seat. It offers most of the features that we’ve come to expect from a bidet at this price range, including a smart, slow-closing lid, eco-friendly design, oscillating and pulsating technology, and various spray options.

3-Level Heated Seat

A 3-level heated seat is an irresistible feature for the chilly winter conditions as well.

The major difference that you get with the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 is that it offers a kid-friendly mode. Honestly, we’ve not seen any other bidet toilet seat with this option, and several reviewers including this one say that it is gentle for the little kids’ butts.

Control Panel On Its Side

The Bio Bidet BB-600 also has an attractive and convenient control panel on its side. We like how simple it is. This means that you have total control of your bidet cleaning experience.

It’s also worth noting here that the water and blower functions turn on only when you sit on the seat. This is good news if you have children in the house, right?

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8. SmartBidet SB-1000 – Professional yet Inexpensive

SmartBidet SB-1000

Softclose Lid And Seat

The SmartBidet SB-1000 seems like a more favorable option if you are not ready to part with close to a grand for a bidet seat.

Well, this one does not lift the lid automatically for you, but its softclose lid and seat will ensure that there are no loud bangs at strange hours of the night.

Round Bowl Seat

The SB-1000 is a round bidet toilet seat. But there’s also an elongated model. It boils down to your commode.

Despite its price, the SB-1000 bidet toilet seat still manages to offer you 5 adjustable water pressure levels, 3 water temp levels, and 3 nozzle position levels. The heated toilet features 3 adjustable levels and has a feature that turns it on only when you sit on it.

The SB-1000 offers posterior, feminine, and turbo sprays and could also oscillate if you wish. You might like its wireless remote control. We like how intuitive and straightforward it is. In my opinion, it’s very unlikely that anyone will get confused by its buttons.

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9. Bio Bidet A8 Serenity – Top Pick for Features

Bio Bidet A8 Serenity

Excellent Posterior Cleaning and A Softer Feminine Wash

If you are looking for a bidet that comes loaded with a boatload of fancy wheels and bells, the Bio Bidet A8 is well worth considering.

This seat’s true-luxury claim starts right off its seat. Its soft curves aim at offering you reliable and dependable support for as long as you are on the commode. It has a 2-in-1 stainless steel nozzle that resists stains and microbial growth.

This nozzle offers excellent posterior cleaning and a softer feminine wash. Interestingly, all the spray modes have been infused with bubble technology to make your cleaning experience more satisfying.

Hybrid Heating Technology

Hybrid heating technology ensures that the water and dryer reach your desired temps super fast and a user preset function memorizes your preferred settings for future use.

Other eye-catching features include a g-sensor, eco-mode, hygienic splashguard, intelligent body sensor, dual-sided wireless remote control, and a nightlight.

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10. Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 – Built-In Silver NanoTechnology

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000

Powerful Anti-Bacterial

The Brondell S1000-EW Swash is among the most advanced bidet toilet seats on the market today. Right from the design, the S1000 beats the competition with its great looking contemporary lines.

This seat also looks a little bit more compact than several other models with side arm control panels. So, if you’re a looking for an elongated bidet seat that won’t bring additional space strains, this one might be it.

Twin Nozzle System Made Of Stainless Steel

The Brondell Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat features a twin nozzle system made of stainless steel. One of them offers posterior wash while the second one is for feminine wash. The good news here is that you can move the nozzles back and forth to increase the massage area and to ensure efficient cleaning.

You can sterilize these nozzles at the press of a button thanks to the built-in silver nanotechnology. This bidet fixture has Silver Oxide Nano treatment technology. It is known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties and, therefore, sounds like a really nice addition to a bidet seat that is especially meant for several users.

There are 3 water pressure settings and 4 water temperature settings. Control is via a wireless remote control.But you also get a mounting bracket for the remote. So you can position it within reach.

This remote uses 3-AAA batteries. But you could also use 3 buttons on the left side of the seat in case the batteries are drained.

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Which Is The Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

Editor’s Choice

[easyazon_image align=”center” identifier=”B00UCIOWRM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”toptoilets-20″]

The battle for the best bidet toilet seat position on this list was a fierce one, but the world-renowned [easyazon_link identifier=”B00UCIOWRM” locale=”US” tag=”toptoilets-20″]Toto Washlet C100[/easyazon_link] is our favorite.  The C100 provides the basic functions and a few more. It is an elongated seat, but it also comes in a round version as well. The seat and lid are SoftClose design. The Toto C100 has a dual action spray and a dryer and has a convenient arm control panel. These are just a few of the reasons why Toto is our winner.

Best Bidet Toilet Seats Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Dimensions:Special Features:Shape:Color:Weight:Power:Certification:Warranty:
#1[easyazon_link identifier="B00UCIOWRM" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto Washlet C100 Elongated[/easyazon_link]Best Overall (Our Pick)$$9/1023.5x20.5x9"Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action SprayElongatedCotton White16 poundsAC 120V-60Hz, 406WIAPMO(cUPC)1 Year Limited Warranty
#2[easyazon_link identifier="B009IJ2NBI" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto Washlet S350e Elongated[/easyazon_link]Premium $$$$$8/1020.8x15.3x3.9"Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action SprayElongatedCotton White13.5 pounds2 AA Batteries RequiredIAPMO(cUPC)1 Year Limited Warranty
#3[easyazon_link identifier="B00TCN0NP8" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]GenieBidet Seat[/easyazon_link]Budget $8/1021x18x3"Rear Cleaning and Feminine Cleaning, Slow Closing Bidet Seat and LidElongatedWhite5.5 poundsCheck With The ManufacturerCheck With The Manufacturer1 Year Replacement Warranty
#4[easyazon_link identifier="B00UCIOX2Q" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto Washlet C200 Elongated[/easyazon_link]$$$8/1023.5x 20.5x9"Pulsating Cleanse, Remote Control, Air Deodorizer, Air DryerElongatedCotton White16 pounds2 AA Batteries RequiredIAPMO(cUPC)1 Year Warranty
#5[easyazon_link identifier="B009IJ2LJ2" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Toto Washlet S300e[/easyazon_link]$$$8/1020.8x15.3x3.9"SoftClose® Seat, eWater+ On Wands and BowlElongatedCotton White13.5 pounds1 AA Batteries RequiredIAPMO(cUPC)1 Year Limited Warranty
#6[easyazon_link identifier="B00GIODM6G" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]SmartBidet SB-2000[/easyazon_link]$$8/1023x20x10"5 Water/Dryer Pressure Levels, 3 Water Temperature LevelsOvalWhite14.5 pounds110 WattsCheck With The Manufacturer1 Year Warranty
#7[easyazon_link identifier="B007HIKQCK" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600[/easyazon_link]$$8/1015x5.6x16.5"Heated Seat, Warm Air Dryer, Warm Water WashElongatedWhite14 pounds120VCheck With The Manufacturer3 Year Limited Warranty
#8[easyazon_link identifier="B01AX865Q6" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]SmartBidet SB-1000[/easyazon_link]$$8/1020.6x17.9x7.3"3 Heated Seat Levels, 5 Nozzle PositionsRoundWhite10 poundsAC 120V/60HzUPC Certificate1 Year Warranty
#9[easyazon_link identifier="B01F7WRP4E" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Bio Bidet A8 Serenity[/easyazon_link]$$$$8/1020.5x15.4x5.5"Stainless Steel Nozzle, Eco Friendly, Wide CleanElongatedWhite17 pounds120 voltsCheck With The ManufacturerCheck With The Manufacturer
#10[easyazon_link identifier="B0045UB9GK" locale="US" tag="toptoilets-20"]Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000[/easyazon_link]$$8/1020.8x15x5.7"Stylish Design and Comfortable Heated SeatElongatedWhite14.3 pounds1 AAA batteries requiredCheck With The Manufacturer3 Year Limited Warranty

What Benefits Do You Get From A Bidet Toilet Seat?

  1. It’s Hygienic

    Trying to answer this question on NY Times, Jerry Bougher, a Marketing Manager at Kohler, asks why we use water to clean our other parts of the body, but use dry toilet paper for our nethers.

    Tissue papers might leave streaks of fecal matter down there which is both embarrassing at times and unhygienic. The soft stream from a bidet leaves you feeling both cleaner and refreshed.

    It also makes a huge difference during menstruation and after sex.

  2. It’s Easy On Your Skin

    According to Columbia University, bidets clean way better than dry toilet paper. Tissue paper can be rough on your skin. It can, in fact, be very much uncomfortable if you have a skin irritation around your butt.

    A bidet directs a stream of warm aerated water around the area that you intend to clean. Unlike toilet papers, this not only leaves you cleaner but it also prevents you from ailments such as vaginitis and urinary tract infections.

    Bidets are also a great relief to people with hemorrhoids, rashes, diarrhea, and other anal infections. The good thing about it is that it tends to massage rather than aggravate the infection.

  3. Prevents Clogging And Saves The Planet

    If you are sick of unclogging your toilet every time you have a bowel movement, a bidet might be a great way to alleviate those ordeals. Using a bidet saves more than 75% of the tissue paper that you use on a regular toilet. You could reduce this usage even further if the seat has an air-dry feature.

    This will result in reduced chances of clogs. It also saves you money that you would have used to have a professional plumbers solve your plumbing issues.

Standard toilet Seat vs. Bidet Toilet Seat – Which Is Better?

With all the hygienic and economic benefits that a bidet toilet seat offers, I bet this is the way to go. Admittedly, the best bidet toilets such as Toto’s Neorest series which close to 10 grand are way beyond what most homeowners are willing to spend on this ‘luxury.’

Luckily, you could buy the seat alone and fit it on top of your commode to replace your regular seat. The good news is that most of the best flushing toilets such as the Kohler K-3987-0 do not come with a seat. The reason behind this is to allow you to fit it with a seat of your choice; a bidet is among the many options.

Bidet Attachment

Even better, if you are skeptic about this idea, you could purchase a bidet attachment and attach it to your regular toilet seat. Our best recommendation would be the Astor CB-1000. It costs around 30 bucks and only requires a screwdriver to install.

Although it won’t offer most of the luxurious features discussed below, it does the basic function of cleaning and refreshing your nether region better than tissue paper.

Electric vs. Non Electric Bidets

Non Electric Bidets

Perhaps what you didn’t know is that the pressurized stream that a bidet emanates can be produced without using power. Sure, non electric bidets rely solely on the home water supply pressure to pump a stream of water where you need it.

The good news with non-electric models is that you won’t be forced to make arrangements for a socket within your commode if you don’t have one already. Again, it means that your toilet won’t be contributing to your power bills. These units are also pretty much affordable than their electric versions.

On the downside, you’ll be missing a whole lot of goodies with it. For instance, you might not be able to enjoy a warm spray not unless you’ve connected the bidet to a hot water outlet. Again, you won’t enjoy a warm seat. These gadgets might also be quite hard to use.

Electric Bidets

These models have lots of benefits over their mechanical versions. You’ll be enjoying a heated seat for the chilly seasons. They also offer remote control operations and are way easier to use by most people especially those with mobility issues.

The only drawback is that such units can be quite expensive. Again, they require electricity. So, you’ll need to do some wiring if necessary. An electric bidet uses a small heater to warm the water.

So, you should expect a slight rise in your power bills as well.

Vital Factors To Consider When Buying A Bidet

When purchasing an electric bidet toilet seat, the most important thing is to ensure that it fits your toilet. Similar to buying a toilet, bidet seats can be classified into 2; elongated and round-bowl seats. Needless to mention, you’ll want an elongated bidet seat for an elongated toilet. Vice versa is true.

Worth mentioning, non-electric bidet seats only come in elongated design. Again, they don’t fit easily on one-piece commodes with the French curve.

Other than the shape of the seat, other basic features that you want to check out include:

A Warm Seat

It should be easy to regulate how warm you want it or even turn it off altogether during the hot seasons.

Type Of Nozzle (Single or Dual)

Most bidets offer twin nozzle sprays. One of them popularly known as the ‘family wash’ is for posterior use and directs water around the anus. The second one, called the ‘feminine wash’ is ideally designed for females. It adjusts the angle of the spray forward for women’s genitalia

Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure

Of course, how warm or hot and powerful the spray should be is personal preference. Most electric bidet seats offer these functions.

But check to see how easy it is to regulate the 2 functions.

Bonus Features

Those are the most important features that you’ll find in most basic bidet seats. These other features are more of a luxury but aim at making your experience even better. These include

Oscillating Cleanse

It adjusts the spray width to cover a wider area.

Water Pulse Cleanse

The spray comes out in pulse action to remove solid particles easily.

Air Deodorizer

Bidets with this feature don’t spray into the air. Rather, they absorb the smell and filter out the odor. The filter will, however, need to be replaced every 6 months.

Enema Wash

Some electric bidet seats offer this function. It is an extra strong, narrow stream that hits your lower colon. Manufacturers claim that it helps in conditions like constipation and hemorrhoids. However, several medical sources say that this function isn’t good for you.

Construction Material

It’s also important to check out the construction material of the seat. Most bidet seats are made from plastic. However, the grade varies with the cost of the fixture. You might also find wooden toilet seats.

These models come in 2 versions: molded wood and treated solid wood. The former has a laminate finish and does not last long in high-humidity bathrooms.

Treated Plastic Seats

These seats flaunt a special treatment that inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria, mold, and mildew. Besides preventing odors and stains, this treatment also makes cleaning the seat a breeze.

You only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. They don’t require any special chemical cleaners.

SoftClose Lid – Why Do You Need It?

As the name implies, a softclose lid closes quietly without the unpleasant pounding bangs that traditional seats produce in case you lose the grip.

This feature is perhaps a huge bonus if you have kids who have the propensity for letting go the lid mid-air.

It not only protects their small fingers but it also means that you won’t be waking everyone else in your middle-of-the-night bathroom visits. In addition, this technology prolongs the life of the lid and also protects the bowl from damage.

How To Install A Bidet Toilet Seat

If you know how to install a toilet seat, then installing a bidet seat won’t be a thing. It’s straightforward and requires a screwdriver and a wrench only.

If you intend to go for an electric seat, however, do know that you’ll need a socket where the seat will plug into. So, make arrangements for that if you don’t have one already.

5 Steps To Install A Bidet Seat

  1. Remove the old toilet seat- this involves unscrewing some bolts that hold the hinges.
  2. Connect the bidet to the water source- you’ll need to flush the tank first turn off the water valve on the walk. Then, disconnect the water supply that directs water to the tank. Use the T or Y valve that came in the package to divert the water supply between the tank and the bidet seat.
  3. Install the mounting plate to the toilet then slide the bidet seat onto it.
  4. Turn the water on and check for leaks. You might want to tighten some parts in case of leaks.
  5. Plug in the toilet to the socket.


Common Problems With Bidet Toilet Seats

Like any other household appliance, a bidet toilet seat is bound to develop issues with time. Some common issues include:

  • Cold seat or air-dryer – check if control has been set at LOW.
  • The spray is not warm – check whether the water temperature is set at low or COLD.
  • Water is leaking – if it’s leaking from the hose connections, screw the hose on snug. You could also use plumber’s tape. If the leak is from the unit itself, contact the manufacturer or supplier.
  • The fixture is not operating – check whether the power supply is working. Inspect whether the batteries of the remote controller are exhausted and replace if need be.

How Much Do Bidet Toilet Seats Cost?

I’ll sound like a broken record here but as I told you, the cheapest way to convert your regular commode to a bidet-style is by adding a bidet attachment. These units cost way below 30 dollars.

They will suffice if all you need is something to help you wash with rather than wipe.

Usually, a bidet seat with just the basic features- warm wash and a heated seat- will cost you $40-$100. Some models in this price range might also offer you a dryer.

As you go up the price ladder, you’ll find models with advanced features such as deodorizers and a UV light to kill any germs. Some also feature a pre-mist that sprays all around the inside walls of the bowl to prevent fecal matter from sticking. Such models should cost you $100-$300.

At over $400, you’ll be looking at bidet toilet seats that will open and close the lid upon detecting you. Some will also fill your bathroom with a soft nightlight so you never miss the fixture.


The best bidet toilet seat might be a great addition to your home and hygiene. You might also consider adding one if you or any other member of your family has mobility issues.

The best part about these fixtures is that they come at all prices. Interestingly, even the cheapest models in the best bidet toilet seat reviews above offer the basic functions that everyone needs; a soothing spray.

So, you don’t always have to spend on hundreds of fancy features that you won’t use in the first place. However, if your budget allows, consider trying out a model with some advanced features. As some of the users report, you’ll be surprised by the amount of difference that a simple add-on feature such as a soft nightlight can bring.


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